5 years when Lucifer came to me

On September 5th, 2012 Lucifer introduced himself to me. He wanted me to know that he existed and to help me understand who he was. He has helped me a lot… Even when I didn’t even know that he existed. The fact that he helped me when I didn’t even know that he existed, I am thankful for that. My life has changed when he first introduced himself to me. My life would have been so different if I didn’t know about his existence.

(“I thank you for coming into my life Father, Lucifer. You have made my life interesting and very different since ever you have introduced yourself to me. I am happy that I got the chance to learn about you. Learning about you and knowing more about you is enjoyable. You have made life better and happier.”)
“Thank you my father… My highest one… Lucifer…”

                                                            The Past from Hell                                                     

(“My past of insanity is slowly disappearing and hopefully to be forgotten forever. Hell for about 16 years was more like being an Insane Asylum than anything else. I have seen hell already… I reach my hand out to you Lucifer and ask for your help… Help me forget the hell I have been through. You are the light… Give me happiness and let me know that you there with me when I am feeling down.”)
(“Protect me Father, Lucifer… You are my Savior”.)
-Luciferi Baphomet