June 2018

Concentration (Video Games and Witchcraft)

At times, Lucifer can teach us in very interesting ways that you’ll never expect which can really surprise you and even maybe shock you. He can lead us to something that we Love or even something that we Hate to… Continue Reading →

Lucifer’s Love

His love is forever…

It was last night that I decided to let Lucifer choose what I should do with my Satanic blog so he had me separate the Medieval Related stuff to a separate blog. Sometimes I can become so indecisive about what… Continue Reading →

A Satanist working with angels?

When I hear about a Satanist working with angels… it just makes me cringe. The question you need to ask yourself is that, Why would someone who is dedicated to following Lucifer wants to go work with angels? The angels… Continue Reading →

god’s Lies and The Real Truth About Lucifer

This has been rewritten – From the things I have learned since 2014 and till now. – Exposing god and Learning about Lucifer’s Truth Exposing the truth about God In the beginning god, created us in the Premortal World.  He created us so… Continue Reading →

The Liberated Of Lucifer And The Art Of The Wise (Witchcraft) – How Does It All Go Together?

Check out the link! It explains a lot about Lucifer and Lilith, and the story about Adam and Eve.

My Sigil of Baphomet Tattoo

It was in January was when I got this tattoo. And yes this was my very first one. Getting this tattoo kind of caused me some hell because of my step mom. I remember she wanted me to leave the… Continue Reading →

Adding Soon – Victims of Exorcisms

I have a list of people I am going to talk about. I have 23 right now to add but I am going to find some more people to add to the list.

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