July 2018

How would one be a reversed christian?

In my opinion of what a reversed christian would be if someone who worships Lucifer and see’s him as someone who “evil”. They probably even think of him as the “cool bad guy” or...

The Fall of Man

Falling through the breach in the wall of heaven, the rebel angels plunge down into hell – Gustave Dore – Wood Engraving 1866

When you first evoke Lucifer

If you are ever planning on evoking Lucifer you must understand and know what you are doing.  DO NOT evoke him for money, fame, or even wanting whatever you want. ALWAYS approach Lucifer with...

Why you should keep Satanism a Secret

ISLAMIC In the Islamic countries you have to be careful what you say about being a Satanist. Many of the Muslims hate Satanism and Witchcraft and won’t tolerate them at all, and barely tolerate...

Been busy

Sorry I have not been posting very much. I have been very been busy with a lot of stuff. Vacations Vacations Vacations lol.