How would one be a reversed christian?

In my opinion of what a reversed christian would be, if someone who worships Lucifer and sees him as someone who “evil”. They probably even think of him as the “cool bad guy” or something, who knows. Honestly, if they really think of that of him then I would not consider them as a real Satanist. If they want to believe that they are a Satanist, then that is fine, but it is only in their head that they are one; when in reality they are not at all.

For those who don’t see him as the “evil man”, we see him as someone who Kind, Caring, and Loving. It is quite sad that some of these people will actually make him look bad. Some even think he will take over the world and kill all the christians. If Lucifer were to come to this mortal realm with a physical body, I am very sure he would want to expose the truth about god. Lucifer’s main goal is to help liberate as many as he can from god’s slavery, but it is all up to them if they want to listen to his truth. The truth that Lucifer teaches will never die.

-Luciferi Baphomet

When you first call to Lucifer

If you are ever planning on calling to Lucifer, you must understand and know what you are doing.
DO NOT call to him for money, fame, or even wanting whatever you want.
ALWAYS approach Lucifer with respect. He will know right before if you going to be disrespectful to him. He does not take kindly to that and he might not even come when you are trying to ask him for help.
I have read comments from people who say to just to call to him. DO NOT it, do it for a specific reason. Also, when you do, you must know who he is and to understand what he really did for us. Don’t call to him without knowing anything about him because that won’t benefit anything at all when you call out to him.
(Please note: The same goes for the other spirits in the LHP.)
-Luciferi Baphomet

Why you should keep Satanism a Secret

In the Islamic countries, you have to be careful what you say about being a Satanist. Many of the Muslims hate Satanism and Witchcraft and won’t tolerate that at all, and barely tolerate anyone practicing a different religion other than the Muslim religion. The Muslims believe that if you are not Muslim you should be forced to convert to Islam, pay them money for the ability to practice your religion, or be killed. Yes, I think it does sound pathetic but that is how the way they are. They claim to say that their religion is The ‘Religion of Peace” but that is clearly not the case.
In many of the Christian homes, the parents are usually strict Christians or possibly extremist. Sometimes the parents will teach Christianity to their children so they can be “Good Christians”. If their child ever gets into the path of Satanism; the parents would probably freak out and possibly send them to some Christian school to get them to convert. Christianity is not for everyone just like Satanism is not for everyone.
I believe many Christian parents fear if their child ever becomes a Satanist, their child will start to understand that there is nothing wrong with loving the same gender, learn that masturbation is normal, or even learning that there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage.
Some parents may be accepting or some may just be damn well insane and force the religion down their throats like there is no tomorrow.
Remember that you have the right to tell others that you follow
Lucifer, but it may not end well as you expected.
He would rather have his followers safe and to protect themselves from those who would want to harm them.

I remember when I was an Atheist in (2009-2012), my step mom wanted to put me in a Christian school but luckily she did not have the money to put me in it. She hated the fact that I did not believe in god. My first thought was when I became an Atheist in 2009; I was starting to feel that it was god who was the one killing many people. My step mom is a jesus freak.
In 2013, when I came back to Satanism, it was when she started to freak out and scream at me telling me that “Satan is evil!” quite a few times. That was the last thing she wanted to deal was with me becoming and starting to follow Lucifer and to believe that he exist. Yes, she hated it so much. But hey, you can’t force what you believe in onto someone else. I remember she thought it was one of my old friends telling me about “Satan” but she was wrong about that back in 2012.
-Luciferi Baphomet