August 2018

My rant – Smoke Meth and Beat Whores? (WTF!)

Whoever owns that instagram account is a complete idiot and they are very uneducated about Satanism. But hey, if they want to sell some edgy shit they can but who is the uneducated person? The one who owns that account…. Continue Reading →

Changing info about Lilith

I recently read the info I wrote about Lilith and I am like wow lol. I really need to re-edit the info I have about her. I am also going to be doing more research about her.

Follow up post for the Dedication Ritual to Lucifer

I am going to be explaining how you can dedicate yourself to Lucifer.  I am going to have this follow up post up before Halloween comes since most people do those kind of rituals on Halloween. 

Just letting you guys know.

I have been dealing with stomach problems since early last month. This week I found out that have H Pylori. Also this week I started taking 1,500mg of antibiotics which they have caused me to have bad headaches. Other than… Continue Reading →

Do not call to Lucifer just to see if he exist

  Lucifer isn’t the type to want revenge. Those who disrespect him, he will walk away and ignore them if they call to him during a ritual. He would rather spend his time helping those who do truly respect him…. Continue Reading →

god… The true Liar and Evil manipulator

Many christians believe that Lucifer was expelled from god’s realm for wanting pride and wanting more power than god. Him wanting pride and more power is incorrect. – The real reason why Lucifer was expelled because when he discovered about… Continue Reading →

Check out Magus Luciferian’s websites

Liberated of Lucifer  – Wombs of Lilith  – Warriors of Lucifer  – If you are on MeWe you can follow him at

For those who think that Satanism is something that you join.

I have had many people who asked me “How can I join Satanism?” and I will tell that “Satanism is not something that you join. Satanism is not a club. Satanism a path that you follow Lucifer and to follow… Continue Reading →

Lucifer is LOVE. god is EVIL

The saddest thing is that people want to follow a god who only wants worship and only wants your power, strength, and pleasure. While Lucifer wants people to understand and to realize that god is just using his followers so… Continue Reading →

A lesson on “How can you reverse your cramping pains right back to god?”

THIS LESSON IS FOR THE FEMALES! I know that there are many females out there who suffer from bad cramping pains and yes at times they can get really bad. Sometimes they can be very annoying and very bothersome.  When… Continue Reading →

Are satanists considered to be an Anti-christ?

For those who follow Lucifer and are against christ, We technically are considered to be called an Anti-christ. Even Lucifer is considered as an Anti-christ since he hates christ and anything of the RHP (Right Hand Path).

When I still had feelings for Lucifer – In 2013

It was when I was still a christian orthodox, there was a moment that I felt a love for him but sadly I kept myself brainwashed by all the christian bullshit which kept me apart from him. I remember when… Continue Reading →

Lucifer, is my God

Why do I see Lucifer as my God? I see a lot of good things in Lucifer that the others don’t even see at all. He is the true Liberator of this world. He is: The God of Love (Someone… Continue Reading →

A christian altar is ok but not a Satanic altar?

There are a lot of christians out there who do not want any satanic atlars around in this world. Some even want to destroy every atlar but in reality there really is no way to do so. There is much… Continue Reading →

The Dedication Ritual to Lucifer

The Dedication Ritual to Lucifer is very powerful and is also one the biggest commitments you could ever do in your life time. YOU ONLY PERFORM THE RITUAL ONCE! THERE IS NO NEED TO DO IT AGAIN! Committing yourself to… Continue Reading →

Lucifer “The Father of all Knowledge”

Lucifer is known as The Father of Knowledge. He is the best one to go to if you do not know the answer to something that is in Satanism. The reason why I say this, is because you cannot trust… Continue Reading →

Do I limit myself as a Satanist?

As a Satanist who works with Lucifer in the Left Hand Path, I DO NOT limit myself of what I can do. I choose not to work with angels because I know that they are Deceivers, Liars, and Manipulators. All… Continue Reading →

Can Lucifer hear our thoughts?

For the past few years, I have always felt that he can be able to hear your thoughts and know what you are saying in your mind. – I am sure that there are many people who do not know… Continue Reading →

What do Theistic Satanists think of Anton LaVey?

I won’t speak for all Theistic Satanists because honestly I do not know how all feel about him. Some hate him, some dislike him, or some even love Anton LaVey. Some do appreciate his work.

How would one be dedicated to Lucifer?

Some people ask me “How can I be dedicated to Lucifer?”. Honestly it is not that difficult to be dedicated to Lucifer. All you have to do is open yourself up to him, have a heart for Lucifer (meaning to… Continue Reading →

Lucifer Calling Up his Legions

Artwork done by William Blake

The Divine Comedy

Artwork done by Gustave Dore

Lucifer on his return from earth

Artwork done by James Berry – 1792-1795

Lucifer in the gates of hell

Artwork done by Gustave Dore

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