September 2018

Coming to Lucifer for Guidance and Help

A lot of people want to come to Lucifer for guidance and help to be able to advance in spirituality and in magick. A lot of us want to evolve and gain power in spirituality and in magick, but a… Continue Reading →

What about contacting a spirit of the LHP for a friend?

When it comes to wanting to work with spirit and contacting them, you should be the one contacting the spirit yourself. Doing it for a friend will not benefit anything for you or for your friend at all. The main… Continue Reading →

Let Lucifer liberate you

It is not that difficult to let Lucifer liberate you. The lies that you were told about him, just let them go. The lies you were told about him were to keep you from knowing who he really is.  Let… Continue Reading →

What about Satanism and the Internet?

With the internet, we can use it to teach many about Satanism. We can teach them about the lies that are in the abrahamic religions. There are so many lies in the abrahamic religions, that it becomes more of an… Continue Reading →

Is Lucifer a Fallen Angel?

Millions of people in this world see Lucifer as a “Fallen Angel”. Many believe he fell from heaven to earth which is a common misconception.    I am going to be honest, I even believed it too. But it was… Continue Reading →

New Logo for the Followers of Lucifer and Education!

I made the edit on 9/8/18. Please do not edit over the logo!

Making my points across

People believing in false information The amount stupidity I deal with mostly on facebook is annoying. Some don’t even bother with wanting to start having a connection with Lucifer. What is the whole point of being a Satanist if they… Continue Reading →

Does Lucifer look human or does he have red skin, a tail, and horns?

He does NOT have Red Skin, a Tail, or Horns and nor does he have a Pitch Fork. On the Right: The idea of Lucifer having Red Skin, a Tail, and Horns came from the christians. They made him look… Continue Reading →

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