October 2018

Sorcery in the Bible

The bible says speaking to spirits is condemned. I do find it hypocritical how Christians actually pray to jesus and they think of his as a spirit. The sorcery in the scripture is always used in the reference to an… Continue Reading →

Christians believing that jesus died for our sins

In my opinion, I do not believe that jesus died for our sins. When you think about it, does sin really exist or was it created to control the many of the jesus followers? A thought, if jesus really did die… Continue Reading →

The Youth, Satanism, Assumptions, and Misconceptions

Here is an example what many of these young people think what Satanism is all about. It is quite often that the youth will assume that Satanism is about evil, hate, murder, and many other things. In the article… Continue Reading →

Hail Lucifer

  Edit I did with the picture of the mountains and the trees I took. I hope you guys like it 🙂

What is Samhain?

Samhain is a Gaelic Festival which marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “dark half” of the year. Traditionally, Samhain is celebrated on the 31st to November 1st, as the Celtic day began… Continue Reading →

The Baphomet statue my husband and I own

I remember my husband got me this for Yule 2014 😀

Baphomet pendant

Oh yes this was a fun one lol. This was either the first or second satanic pendant I got in 2012 when I was a beginner satanist. I do believe that I wore this to school. The fun and crazy… Continue Reading →

Hexagram of Solomon Amulet

It was in 2013 when I got this, I was trying to look up pendants that I wanted. I remember I came across this pendant but I guess didn’t really understand what it meant and right now I still don’t… Continue Reading →

The Truth

Never fear knowledge.  

This is the exact truth

Not many actually believe that this is true. I am not sure who made this edit but I love it. HAIL THE LIBERATOR!  

Update on Artwork of Lucifer category

Pretty soon I am going to add more of the Artwork of Lucifer. I know I haven’t added any for quite sometime. Remember to keep updated with the FOLAE!

Hell is not real


Live for the truth


Never fear the Truth


Why is Satanism so misunderstood?

Satanism is misunderstood because of christianity. The various prophets, popes, ministers, and priests of god have created many rumors and stories to make Satanism look so extremely “frightening”, bloody, or perverse in order to prevent curious individuals, mostly their youth,… Continue Reading →

Masturbation is not wrong or evil

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that masturbation in wrong. Liberate yourself & see that there is more to life than following what the church tells you. Misery is NOT the way!⠀ On Masturbation

The church lies

The church will tell you many lies and they will never want you to question what they said. To question them will get you to see what they are telling you is a lie. Open your eyes and see what… Continue Reading →

What about praying to Lucifer?

I see it as a choice but the best way to communicate with him is by talking to him. Talk to him like if you were having a conversation with him. You may be not be able to see or… Continue Reading →

Always trust in Lucifer

Always trust in what Lucifer teaches because what you may read in books and on the internet may not always be the correct information.  Sometimes you may need to question what you read.  – Don’t always assume what you read… Continue Reading →

Did jesus help god enslave people?

Did jesus really come here to help god create a whole new religion just to get people to follow god so he can get power and worship from them? There is truth that jesus only came here to help god… Continue Reading →

The exact truth of what christians fear

Many Christians fear that if they do not abide by god’s rules that he will punish them and send them to the “Lake of Fire”.  The idea of the Lake of Fire was a christian invention to scare the weak… Continue Reading →

Let there be true Liberation!

There is always a path to true liberation. – There is much to life than listening to the lies what the church has been telling you. Open your eyes and your mind to what is really true. – Let Lucifer… Continue Reading →

Does Lucifer really punish people in hell?

Many people believe that Lucifer punishes people in hell. But does hell really exist? Here is what I wrote in another blog post Heaven and Hell. When you read the other blog post you will see why hell doesn’t really exist…. Continue Reading →

Honoring Lucifer

PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PICTURE! I edited this to specifically honor Lucifer! – In a world we live in… it is full of chaos and full of violence because those who believe in a god they say is love,… Continue Reading →

2 questions you need to ask yourself about Lucifer

  Why would Lucifer come to someone as a dark entity? If Lucifer is the Light-Bearer, why would you see him as something dark? If you have anything to say about it then please message me on Instagram at

Reasons why I left The Order of the Dark Arts group

It was last night that I left the group. 1. After being in the group for a little over a week I found it to be a somewhat a little suspicious. More like it was not right. 2. Working with… Continue Reading →

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