November 2018

A new category to my blog will be added soon: Victims of the Abrahamic Religions

This category is going to be about those who we killed by the followers of god.  I will also be adding the victims of exorcisms – The exorcisms were never needed mainly because they are just so pointless and a… Continue Reading →

For those who live with strict religious parents

So many people live with strict religious parents. I even used to live with a religious jesus freak before I moved out. Many of you who wish to contact Lucifer but are worried if you get caught by a family… Continue Reading →

New edit. Be his true disciple.


The problems people have with religious freedom

This is at least one of this biggest problems us Satanists face. To the christians, they feel that they should have the religions freedom but when it comes to someone who believes in Satan/Lucifer, we just get bashed on because… Continue Reading →

Quote done by my husband Magus Luciferian.


For calmness

  There are times that we may feel overwhelmed with some things. What I find is that using a candle and incense can help with stress and feeling overwhelmed in the mind. To use a candle or candles and incense… Continue Reading →

Be his proud disciple

Masturbation, Sex Toys, and Menstrual Cramping Pains

When you have cramping pains, they can be pretty bad and very uncomfortable. But what I have learned is that using a vibrator can help relieve that the cramping pains and it will make you feel better. Trust me on… Continue Reading →

Is Satanism all about Darkness?

No, Satanism is about following the Light, meaning following Lucifer’s truth. To gain great Knowledge from him and to learn great truth from him. I see satanism as a great path and to be liberated from god’s slavery. Those who are… Continue Reading →

Christians believing that Sin exists

Those who have truly opened their eyes already know that “Sin” was pretty much invented by christianity. For sin to exist it will be able to control people of what they do and want to do. But never let something… Continue Reading →

A christian beheads a teen for practicing witchcraft – Patheos

The link I have posted in this blog post is an old post from the site Patheos. Even today their are christ followers who would want to behead someone who is not a follower of god but following Lucifer and… Continue Reading →

Reasons why you have a hard time contacting, Lucifer

There are number of reasons why you may have a hard time contacting him and to be honest, it is not that hard to contact him at all. I find it very easy to contact him because I know he… Continue Reading →

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