For those who live with strict religious parents

So many people live with strict religious parents. I even used to live with a christian before I moved out. Many of you who wish to contact Lucifer but are worried if you get caught by a family member by doing a satanic ritual. For those who do not know, Lucifer can be very understanding if you live with strict religious parents. He would rather want you to be safe and not to get caught.

Yes, it can be difficult to perform rituals but you can always do them at night when your parents are sleeping. But if you do not have the right rituals items then that is ok. Needing ritual items are not exactly a requirement but an option to use when you want to perform rituals. Think of meditation and talking to Lucifer through the mind, That is one things you can do. You do not need any ritual items to be able to feel his energies. The body and the mind is what you need for meditation. Be calm when you meditate and learn about his energies that he can get you to feel.

If you can’t meditate during the day then do it at night. It doesn’t matter what time of day or what time of night when you call to him, he will be right there. But always remember be respectful and ALWAYS be honest with him at all times. Respect and Honesty is what he loves the most from his followers.

If you do not know what his sigil looks like, here it is. Look at his sigil and try to memorize it in your mind. When you have already memorized his sigil then try visualize it in your mind. To visualize his sigil in your mind can very good for concentration. Try to call up on him and talk to him like if you are having a conversation. You may not be able to see him but he will be able to see you and hear what you are saying and you also may be able to feel his energies. His energies are more like a warm feeling. Also, when you talk to him, you don’t have to say it out loud, just talk to him in your mind. He will know what you are saying to him in your mind. The more calm you are the more you can get into a trance. While you have your eyes closed he will show you things that you have never seen before. Let him guide you to a place to where even god cannot ever go.

(Please note that you do not have to use his sigil, but if you feel that you have a connection with it then go for it.)

The things he does really do amaze me and his guidance is never ending. Embrace his Love and his Guidance.

-Luciferi Baphomet

The problems people have with religious freedom

This is at least one of this biggest problems us Satanists face. To the christians, they feel that they should have the religions freedom but when it comes to someone who believes in Satan/Lucifer, we just get bashed on because of our different belief. Many of these christians are truly the worlds problem. Many of them just want to force their bullshit on us like it is ok and they all feel that we need to be “saved” but when in reality, they need to save themselves from the bondage and slavery of the god they worship.

Another thing, if a Satanist walks around wearing something that is Satanic, they will get dirty looks and even possibly get threatened. It is sad that some of us have to live that way because of the shitty ones like christians themselves that don’t like the fact that we chose to believe in Satan/Lucifer.

-Luciferi Baphomet

For calmness

There are times that we may feel overwhelmed with some things. What I find is that using a candle and incense can help with stress and feeling overwhelmed in the mind. To use a candle or candles and incense can help the mind to keep calm. To keep the mind calm is to keep the body calm.

In this picture I used a black candle and I used dragons blood incense. What I did was not a ritual but more for calmness.

-Luciferi Baphomet 

Is Satanism all about Darkness?

No, Satanism is about following the Light, meaning following Lucifer’s truth. To gain great Knowledge from him and to learn the great truth from him. I see satanism as a great path and to be liberated from god’s slavery.

Those who are not educated about Satanism, will automatically think that Satanism has to do with darkness and evil. I mean, if they think Satanism has to do with darkness then they must think that Lucifer is all dark. Lucifer has nothing to do with darkness or evil. The so many misconceptions are disturbing to even hear and know.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Christians believing that Sin exists

Those who have truly opened their eyes already know that “Sin” was pretty much invented by christianity. For sin to exist it will be able to control people of what they do and want to do. But never let something that control you because it does not exist at all. To let something control you that does not exist is not healthy at all. Live your life will happiness. Never let christianity control you and take over your life because living in slavery like that is not the way to live, to live like that would be a complete nightmare.

-Luciferi Baphomet 

A christian beheads a teen for practicing witchcraft – Patheos

The link I have posted in this blog post is an old post from the site Patheos.
Even today their are christ followers who would want to behead someone who is not a follower of god but following Lucifer and even practicing witchcraft. There are many christ followers who wish to bring back the Medieval Times and they would even wish to bring back the Medieval Torture Devices. Many wish they can get rid of those who are not a follower of christ. For those who are not a christ follower and following a different being like Lucifer, they would see it as not pure but evil and a “sin” according to their 10 commandments.
All I am going to say is that. I would never want to be forced to live by their bullshit beliefs. What they believe in complete bullshit. I would never want to be a slave to their beliefs or their god.
I live for freedom and I am for religions freedom.

Reasons why you have a hard time contacting, Lucifer

There are different reasons why you may have a hard time contacting him and to be honest, it is not that difficult to contact him. I find it very easy to contact him because I know he will be right there when I call to him.

Here is a list of reasons of why you might be having a hard time contacting him:
  1. You are not truly dedicated to him at all. (Being truly dedicated to him is every important if you are going to work with him.)
  2. You are not very serious about wanting to work with him. (To be very serious to work him with is not a game at all.)
  3. You are not very serious about wanting to learn about the real truth about him. (There are people who want to work with him but do not want to learn about him. To work with him and to not want to learn about his truth does not work like that.)
  4. You think that he is a genie who will grant wishes and will give you whatever you want. (I do not know where the whole idea of Lucifer being a genie came from but believing that he is one… it will not work out very well for you.)
  5. You still have the christian mindset. (To have the christian mindset and to still be afraid of him, you will need to get over the lies you were told about him.)
  6. You are scared to contact him because you are afraid that you are going to piss god off. (To be honest, who cares if god gets pissed off. All he wants from you is your Power, Strength, and Pleasure.)
  7. You are afraid of going to hell. (Hell is not real, It was invented by the christians to make you fear Lucifer and wanting to engage in learning what this path is all about.)
  8. You are afraid that god will abandon you and betray you. (What if he does? Why does it matter? god is nothing.)
  9. You possibly work with angels. (If you are going to work with Lucifer, you should already know that you should not work with angels at all. You gave that free will to work with that but it will mean that you are not a serious practitioner. Also, he was never an angel in the first place.) 
  10. You are not very honest with him. (If you are not very honest with him, he will most likely not want to help you but I will not speak for him at that point.)
  11. You are not very respectful to him. (To respect to him is very important.)
  12. You only want to use him just to get whatever YOU want. (He already knows if you are going to use him before you even try contacting him.)
  13. You think contacting him is a game or something. (When you contact him, you must be very serious. Lucifer would prefer to work with very serious practitioners. Not those kind who will want to fuck around with him.)
  14. You want to contact him just to see if he is really real. (Just to see if he really exist; Because you are an atheist. Very disrespectful.)
  15. You think that he wouldn’t notice that you want to use him. (If you think he is stupid enough not to even notice that you are going to use him for whatever you want, You are messing with the wrong spirit. He will most likely ignore you until you start to get serious and not wanting to mess around with him anymore.)
If you want to be a serious practitioner and to work with him, then you must be a serious about being a practitioner and being one of his followers. If you are not going to be very serious to want to work with him then do not work with him at all. He does not have time for those who are not going to be serious with him at all.
-Luciferi Baphomet