January 2019

New post coming soon “Why I am a Satanist”

I am going to be explaining why I am a Satanist and why I chose the Satanic Path. I am going to try to make it a bit long. I hope you guys are going to like it.

Are you on MeWe?

It was quite recently that I created a page on there for the Followers of Lucifer and Education. If you are interested, you can follow my page on there. MeWe / Followers of Lucifer and Education

New theme :)

I decided to change the color of theme black and red, and for years those two colors have always appealed to me the most. Comment in the comment section and let know know how my website looks with this knew… Continue Reading →

New photo cover for my website and social media sites

Let Lucifer LIBERATE you!

Don’t let your mind become a slave to god.

God will make flames comin outta yo butthole – Way too funny to watch lol

My husband sent me a link of this video today lol  

Courses online that cost money

Whenever I see on the internet for courses to cost money, all I can see is that they are more desperate for money than wanting to educate people how to perform rituals or spells for free. I believe they mostly… Continue Reading →

Guidance and Great Knowledge

Believe in yourself…

  This is still far my favorite quote from Lucifer that he had me write on 5/20/18 ♥ Believing in yourself The problem is that a lot of people do not want to focus on believing in themselves or they are… Continue Reading →

Calling Lucifer the “Dark Lord”?

There are many misconceptions about Lucifer being all dark and evil. The one thing I do not understand is that there are people who would call Lucifer the Dark Lord. Why would they call him the “Dark Lord” in the… Continue Reading →

Blood Offerings

When one is going to offer their blood to a spirit, their shouldn’t be a need to cut yourself. Especially if you are going to offer your blood to Lucifer and Lilith. The best kind of blood offer is menstrual… Continue Reading →

Truth of what christians really are

This basically says everything what christians really are.

Teenagers and Satanism

What about Teenagers that say they are a Satanist? The question you need to ask yourself is that, are they really a Satanist or they are just doing it to shock there parents and other people? I know for a… Continue Reading →

Do you have to dedicate yourself to Lucifer?

Of course not. There is no need to “Have to” dedicate yourself to him. I do know that some say that you have to dedicate yourself to him. I am sure that they may have got the idea from the… Continue Reading →

Satanism (Sexuality – Nudity – Sex)

In Satanism we have the Free Will to have sexual desires, enjoy nudity – Even post pornographic pictures of ourselves BUT THAT IS A CHOICE TO DO, and having sex whenever you want to. And of course, it is true… Continue Reading →

Always make it come from the heart when you dedicate yourself to father, Lucifer.


Knowledge is power to the mind

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