February 2019

South Africa funeral firm to sue pastor for ‘resurrection stunt’ A Resurrection Challenge?

New edit I made :)

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Coming from a christian?

I could honestly say that was pretty hilarious. No lie. “Study science”? I like that.

Does Lucifer want worship and power?

Many that believe that Lucifer wants worship and power but he does not desire to have any of that at all. He is nothing like god that only desires worship and power from his followers. When you start to understand… Continue Reading →

Christians who think those are possessed but are actually mentally ill

Many christians seem to be very delusional when it comes to someone being possessed. But is that person really possessed or are they mentally ill? Demon possession rarely happens. No demon will possess a human unless they want to be… Continue Reading →

I had to take the subscribe button off the website

Due to so many spam email accounts subscribing to the email subscription I have been getting countless of emails which was getting quite annoying. I will see about getting a better subscribe button that uses a capcha to keep the… Continue Reading →

New cover photo for my social media profiles

I could honestly say that this is one of the best photo covers I have made 🙂

So you want to make a pact with Lucifer?

Is there a specific reason of why you want to do a pact with him? Do you feel that if you sell your soul to him that you can get whatever you want? Why should you feel that if you… Continue Reading →

India ‘witch hunters’ kill mother and four children – BBC

This is exactly why I want to steel clear from the psychotic christ followers. BBC – India “witch hunters” kills mother and children

Enjoy Trolling Your Religious Relatives With These Bible-Themed Pillows – Atheist Republic

I am going to be honest, this is pretty damn funny lol.

Dreamstate Logic – Galaxy’s Child by SpaceAmbient

I find this music to be very exhilarating.

Lucifer’s Hymn by Peter Gundry

So dark but yet so beautiful <3

Today I joined an Occult Studies group on KIK

So I joined a group on KIK called “Occult Studies”. Some guy was saying that the bible is “Beneficial” so I was telling him that the the god’s words are all lies. After telling him “There is no truth in… Continue Reading →

Google Plus is going to shut down on April 2nd

So I just got notified that Google Plus is going away on April 2nd. I will keep using it until it goes away. Anyways here is a screen shot I took.

Why I am a Satanist.

There are numerous of reasons why I am a Satanist. Through out the years being in the Satanic path, I have learned a lot and gain much knowledge to understand where I really am. My dislikes for Abrahamic Religions I… Continue Reading →

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