March 2019

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For a good friend who passed…

R.I.P. Brandon Emery 1979-2019 Today… when I found out that he passed I was in shock and in disbelief and even then I am still in disbelief. My heart and my mind still hurts with agony. Even though I only… Continue Reading →

Going to be taking the time to fix up blog posts

So yes, I am going to be fixing up some errors, mistakes, and misspelling, and other things on the blog posts. It may take me some time but I will have new posts posted up hopefully soon. So please be… Continue Reading →

Cognitive Dissonance in christianity – LGBTQ+

I would at least say that this post would be quite interesting to write. When you think of god, you think of him as a loving and kind being (according the christians) but is he really loving and kind? I… Continue Reading →

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Using Sigils Sigils can be quite useful if you do not have an altar and even then you do not have to use them but is rather a choice for that person. If they do feel that using sigils is easier for… Continue Reading →

My explanation for getting rid of the Followers of Lucifer and Education on Social Media

It has been quite difficult to keep up with the FOLAE pages on Instagram, Facebook, MeWe (I did not delete the page on there), and Tumblr. Trying to keep them updated constantly was stressful and difficult. For quite sometime I… Continue Reading →

To you Lucifer:

2/24/17 “O’ Hail you Lucifer. The greatest teacher ever known and the greatest of them all. The most beautiful of them all. The one who is the Light, the Truth, and the Liberator. I hail you Lucifer, the one who… Continue Reading →

Sigil of Lucifer – Drawing

I did on this 10/3/18 for I ritual I did. I will not say it was the greatest drawing but I think I did pretty good.

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