July 2019

I am tired of the bullshit on the Religious Forums website

So here is the bullshit I was dealing with on there. I decided to go on the LHP (Left Hand Path) DIR (Discuss Individual Religions) forum to promote my new Instagram page that teaches about Satanism. So I thought this… Continue Reading →

Drugs and Satanism

A lot of us already know that drugs can be harmful to the body and the mind, but many would rather do them which is their choice and their life. But when it comes to contacting spirits from the LHP,… Continue Reading →

Satanism is far older

Luciferians worshippers of the fallen / Art by Mary Evans / Picture Library – Fine Arts America When I saw this image, I thought it was quite interesting. In the image, there are people dressed from the Medieval Times. I… Continue Reading →

Are you on Instagram?

Go follow this new Instagram page where you can learn about Lucifer, Lilith, and about Satanism. I will also be posting things about exposing the abrahamic religions. I am hoping many will learn a lot from what I post on… Continue Reading →

My new drawing of a serpent around the apple representing the Garden of Eden

My husband gave me a suggestion that I should put the part of the serpent behind the apple¬†ūüėÉ

What can you gain when you decide to leave god, christ, and angels?

Liberation…¬†Life…¬†Abrasion… To repel the hate and the ignorance from those evil beings. To believe that you can free yourself from them and to become something bigger than they are. To believe that you can become more powerful than they are…. Continue Reading →

A random fortune cookie that had something religious in it

So it was yesterday that I was going to eat a fortune cookie and the little paper had something religious on it, it was something about angels. And surely I was like, wtf is this lol? I showed the little… Continue Reading →

A true warrior he is

  A true warrior he is. He exposed god for what he really is. He wanted to help others understand that god is no good. He wanted us to realize that god will use us for worship and power that… Continue Reading →

The Good Venom

I AM the Serpent. My venom is sweet. I will not bite you without being invited. It will give you great Knowledge and Truth, Freedom and Light, not the death and slavery offered by the christ. I offer this freely…. Continue Reading →

Sometimes we need to let it go

Those who truly have a deep connection with Lucifer, know the pain of those who are not willing to learn the real truth. We feel the pain and the agony in our hearts. That pain can really induce to a… Continue Reading →

What I think the Sigil of Lucifer means and represents.

To me the Sigil of Lucifer means and represents Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will. – Knowledge¬†– Lucifer wanted to give us knowledge so we can think for ourselves and understand things from a different perspective. – Knowledge can be very… Continue Reading →

Embrace his Light!

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