I will not respect abrahamic religions

Lately, I have been dealing with some of these so called “Satanists” who seem to get offended by blasphemous things against jesus and christianity. I posted a picture of people stepping on a picture of jesus and they told me that it was childish. And they did not seem to like it. If you are going to defend abrahamic religions that wishes to kill you for following Lucifer, practicing witchcraft, and being a witch then go defend those who want to murder you. I will not sit and let those people want to kill or harm me just for following Lucifer, practicing witchcraft, and being a witch. I live for Liberation, not for slavery. If you want to live for slavery then go right ahead. I will not help you for defending those abrahamic religions that will to kill us. You say that we should respect those religions, I DO NOT HAVE TO RESPECT THOSE RELIGIONS! And I will choose not to respect them. Abrahamic religions has turned people into violent human beings. They have turned people into judgemental people. We do not need people like that. god wants his followers to do all the dirty work for him and that is pretty disgusting. FUCK godFUCK christ, and FUCK the angels! They are worthless pieces of shits.
People who say that we should respect abrahamic religions have forgotten or ignored about the Witch Trials.
-Luciferi Baphomet

Lucifer exposing god and his lies

Art by Gustave Dore

So many people believe that Lucifer was just thrown out of the realm of god (Which they believe it is called heaven). But the many of those people do not even see or even realize that even though Lucifer was expelled, he chose to walk away from god and all his lies and his filth. What Lucifer did; took a lot of balls to go against god and to expose his lies and to also expose what he was really doing to those who were following him. What he wanted us to understand was that, god does not have any sympathy or love for us at all. Why would he give a damn about us, when all he wants is our Power, Strength, and Pleasure? The god that these people love so much… is a heartless asshole. And god wanted to make Lucifer look evil so he can get the Power, Strength, and Pleasure from his followers. Do you think that is a loving god when that is all he wants from you? NO!


-Luciferi Baphomet