September 2019

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Maybe I should start giving less of a fuck

I am starting to maybe realize that I should probably give a less of a fuck about what people do in the path of Satanism and only focus on Lucifer and Lilith. Though I do find it offensive to see… Continue Reading →

There is no such thing as selling your soul

The idea of selling your soul came from the christians. Christians believe that if you sell your soul to Satan/Lucifer; that he will destroy your soul and then take complete control over your whole life which is a misconception. And… Continue Reading →

Are you ready for fall and rituals?

I believe that doing rituals on October 31st is the best time to do them. Especially doing a Dedication Ritual to Lucifer. The one thing you NEED to learn is that; when you dedicate yourself to him, you are making… Continue Reading →

Someone is not that smartest cookie in the jar

Today I saw someone post the title of the blog post on instagram “Wanting to be celibate for Lucifer/Satan?” and I decided to ask her if she read the description of my post because the titles of the posts I… Continue Reading →

Wanting to be celibate for Satan/Lucifer?

If you are going to be celibate for Satan/Lucifer… then it is time to remove yourself from the Satanic path. Lucifer would want you to embrace your sexuality, embrace the feeling of being horny, embrace the feeling of having some… Continue Reading →

School District Will Require Students to ‘Honor’ Islamic ‘Holy Days’

This is pretty disgusting when you think about. I cannot imagine to be forced to respect their religion. Hell I know they won’t respect Satanism.  School District Will Require Students To ‘Honor’ Islamic ‘Holy Days’

I am Anti-JOS (Joy of Satan)

I know I am going to get hate for this but I do not care. I am going to be honest here, it is nice to meet people who are anti-jos (Joy of Satan) on Instagram. I am glad to… Continue Reading →

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