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Other Satanic Websites

Liberated of Lucifer

By Magus Luciferian

“A Satanic/Luciferian Church, dedicated to freedom from the bondage and slavery of god, following the path of Lucifer and Lilith to freedom and glory.”

Defenders of Satan

By Percival Karr

“Defenders of Satan was founded in 2013 to provide a community, resource center and refuge for Satanists. Our belief system has such a strong stigma and attitude against it – one that the Defenders Of Satan aims to change. We are a legal and valid community of people committed to the honoring and protection of Satan and Satanism. “

Luciferian Apotheca 

By Luciferian Apotheca 

A great website where to buy stuff for rituals, books, clothes/apparel, and other things.

Satanism Today

By Satanism Today

A site where you can read different kinds of articles.

In Satan’s Honor
By: Marie RavenSoul


By: Luciferothica

They sell great looking jewelry on there site. Go check them out.

Sigil of Baphomet

By: Xerxes 

They sell great quality stainless steel Satanic jewelry.