A christian beheads a teen for practicing witchcraft – Patheos

The link I have posted in this blog post is an old post from the site Patheos.
Even today their are christ followers who would want to behead someone who is not a follower of god but following Lucifer and even practicing witchcraft. There are many christ followers who wish to bring back the Medieval Times and they would even wish to bring back the Medieval Torture Devices. Many wish they can get rid of those who are not a follower of christ. For those who are not a christ follower and following a different being like Lucifer, they would see it as not pure but evil and a “sin” according to their 10 commandments.
All I am going to say is that. I would never want to be forced to live by their bullshit beliefs. What they believe in complete bullshit. I would never want to be a slave to their beliefs or their god.
I live for freedom and I am for religions freedom.

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