A father like being

(Lucifer / Statue by Guillaume Geefs from 1848)

Lucifer is known to be very father like to those who respect him and show him gratitude. He can be very caring and very supportive… It is what I love about who he is. He is someone who will guide you and help you overcome many obstacles. He wants us to evolve and become something greater within ourselves. We can become powerful only if we let him help us get there.

He is my Father, my Guide, my Light, my Liberator, and my Savior.

 🖤 Hail Lucifer! 🖤


Some who get into this path ignore what they can truly have from Lucifer and even Lilith. They ignore the kindness and the love from them. It is unfortunate that people will use this path just to get what they want like popularity or even money. They will never experience a true bond if they keep up with their own ignorance and foolishness. But those who truly have a heart for this path will experience something they have never experienced before. They will experience a bond that will last forever, something that is so strong; that it would never break.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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