• I started the Followers of Lucifer and Education in June 2016. Before that, I used to own The Satanic Worshipers of Satan in 2014 through 2016. I wanted to change the name to Followers of Lucifer and Education for specific reasons. I do find that name better than the old one that I used to have.
  • The Followers of Lucifer and Education is a Satanic blog where I post information to help educate other people about Satanism and especially about teaching others who Lucifer is and what he teaches. I love to help educate people about Satanism and about Lucifer. What I love the most is to help Lucifer and to get the real truth about him out there.

Helping him and getting the real truth out there has been so wonderful. I am hoping for more people to come and to learn who Lucifer and Lilith are. Learn who they are and do not fear them. They are wonderful guides and wish to help many.