I know many do debate about this. In my opinion, I do believe that they are the same being. Some believe that Lucifer is the good spirit who brings enlightenment to others and Satan is the adversary who brings bad and evil to the world. But are they really they different beings? I don’t believe that they are. What I believe is that Lucifer was given the title Satan after he rebelled against god for exposing the truth about him. The truth… which indeed god truly fears the most. He fears if one discovers the real truth about him, they will turn away from him and no longer follow him anymore.

god only gave him the title Satan so he can get others to believe that he caused evil… but Lucifer did not cause evil at all. He wanted others to see what god was really like in the inside and in the outside of who he really was.

Lucifer never wanted more power than god. Lucifer is a powerful spirit but why would he have wanted more power when all he cared about was to help get those to see the real truth for who god really was?

-Luciferi Baphomet

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