To become a Satanist, you must become aware of what you are getting into. Many people may judge you and treat you differently. You may end up encountering many of the religious extremist. But just remember be who you are and don’t let them bring you down. Ignore what they say and try not to let them to put anything in your mind that will make you doubt Satanism. They will try to put anything in your mind that will make you think that Satanism is evil.

If you really do want to become a Satanist you must study and learn what Satanism is about. It can take a lot time of learn. But be really sure if you really want to become a Satanist. Satanism does not make you famous, rich, and nor does it get you things and also, Satanism does NOT have anything to do with the Illuminati. If you want to become famous, rich, get things you want, you’ll have to work for it but please don’t mix being famous, rich, etc with Satanism.

What Satanist do not do. Whenever a Christian says that Satanists kill babies, drink blood of the humans or animals, sacrifice humans and sacrifice animals, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. They do not know anything what this religion is about. They love to make Satanism look bad and evil. They think Satanism is all about evil, hate, and murder.

Many of the Christians think they are the Know It All’s. If they did not have their heads far up god’s asshole maybe they may lighten up a bit and see that Christianity is really all about evil, hate, murder, and judgment. But surely they are afraid to see the truth. They say that Lucifer is evil, that he kills people, and that he will possess people. They are very wrong about what they are saying about Lucifer.

Lucifer is the liberator, the one who frees us from god’s slavery. The one who gave us Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will so we can think for ourselves. He wanted us to be smart and to think for ourselves.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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