Being eclectic is not part of the Satanic Path / Part 1

If you say that you follow Lucifer and acknowledge god, christ, and the angels, then you were never a true follower.

Being eclectic is not part of the Satanic Path. If you are going to follow him, you must take it to consideration. He does not want people to play games. What he wants are true followers.

There is no reason to acknowledge the Right Hand Path. All you are doing is giving your power, strength, and pleasure to god. god would never give a damn about you. He doesn’t care if you want to acknowledge the Right Hand Path, he only cares if he gets your power, strength, and pleasure. Hell, you don’t even need to worship him if you are going to do that. Do not show your love or compassion to those beings. Angels lead people away from learning the real truth what Lucifer teaches. Even if they don’t have them convert to following god immediately, there main goal is to keep you from being truly free. Do NOT give into the RHP. Do NOT give them your power, strength, and pleasure, YOU can use it for yourself.

I am not sorry that you want to show your love and support to those beings. It is only YOU who can truly free yourself but if you have no interest in wanting to truly free yourself, then is what you are choosing after you die. Being a slave to god for eternity is a choice. But I choose not to be a slave. After I die… I wish to go past god, christ, and the angels. I will become that powerful Goddess that god will fear.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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Second Part

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