Calling Lucifer the “Dark Lord”?

There are many misconceptions about Lucifer being all dark and evil. The one thing I do not understand is that there are people who would call Lucifer the Dark Lord. Why would they call him the “Dark Lord” in the first place? Do they see him as something dark or did they just get the idea from movies or shows that have Lucifer look all dark and evil? 1. There is nothing dark about him. He is the Light-Bearer who gives the truth to many. 2. If in a movie or show that they call Lucifer the Dark Lord, do not see that as being true. Those movies or shows that make him look bad will not provide any good information but will lead the uneducated into believing in those misconceptions.

The majority of those who say they are a Satanist will watch these kind of films and then end up getting the wrong idea what Satanism is really about.

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