Altar Photos

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Scying – 6/11/19

Check out the scrying video:

Scrying – 4/26/19

I am hoping many of you enjoy these images I have taken. Please do not take any of these images. Candle: Black  Incense: Frankincense

Altar Photos – 4/24/19

Scrying Candle: Black Incense: Dragons Blood

Altar Photos – 4/22/19

Scrying Candle: Purple Incense: Sandlewood    

For calmness

  There are times that we may feel overwhelmed with some things. What I find is that using a candle and incense can help with stress and feeling overwhelmed in the mind. To use a candle or candles and incense… Continue Reading →

Altar Photos | 11/16/17

Just some altar photos I took with the box I painted with my little notebooks inside it. I painted that box last year.

Learn about the Blasphemy Masturbation Ritual

A Blasphemy Masturbation Ritual can be very powerful especially when doing it in front of the altar. Offering your lust and your cum to Lucifer, Lilith, or the Demons can also be very powerful. Offering your lust and your cum… Continue Reading →

Coming back to Lucifer on 12/5/13

It was on December 5th, 2013 when I came back to Satanism. The feeling was great and it was also great to get away from Christianity… But I do still feel that it was a huge mistake leaving Satanism in… Continue Reading →

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