Exposing all of the Abrahamic Religions

What can you gain when you decide to leave god, christ, and angels?

Liberation… Life… Abrasion… To repel the hate and the ignorance from those evil beings. To believe that you can free yourself from them and to become something bigger than they are. To believe that you can become more powerful than they are…. Continue Reading →

gods Evil Manipulation

A follower of god will think of him as someone who is “kind and caring” but so many of them will either want to ignore the truth or they don’t know the truth at all. Many of them do not even know… Continue Reading →

Cognitive Dissonance in christianity – LGBTQ+

I would at least say that this post would be quite interesting to write. When you think of god, you think of him as a loving and kind being (according the christians) but is he really loving and kind? I… Continue Reading →

Coming from a christian?

I could honestly say that was pretty hilarious. No lie. “Study science”? I like that.

Christians who think those are possessed but are actually mentally ill

Many christians seem to be very delusional when it comes to someone being possessed. But is that person really possessed or are they mentally ill? Demon possession rarely happens. No demon will possess a human unless they want to be… Continue Reading →

Today I joined an Occult Studies group on KIK

So I joined a group on KIK called “Occult Studies”. Some guy was saying that the bible is “Beneficial” so I was telling him that the the god’s words are all lies. After telling him “There is no truth in… Continue Reading →

Truth of what christians really are

This basically says everything what christians really are.

Never let yourself get deceived

To get deceived by the god that christians worship can lead you to great manipulation but to open your eyes and your mind is to see what is really true. But to see through gods lies can get you to… Continue Reading →

The followers of god are so brainwashed

Edited by me god… how awful is he? He is shit. But he has caused pain, destruction, and evil into many lives and even those who truly follow him. But they are so blind to see through his bullshit to… Continue Reading →

Masturbation is not wrong or evil

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that masturbation in wrong. Liberate yourself & see that there is more to life than following what the church tells you. Misery is NOT the way!⠀ On Masturbation

The church lies

The church will tell you many lies and they will never want you to question what they said. To question them will get you to see what they are telling you is a lie. Open your eyes and see what… Continue Reading →

Did jesus help god enslave people?

Did jesus really come here to help god create a whole new religion just to get people to follow god so he can get power and worship from them? There is truth that jesus only came here to help god… Continue Reading →

The exact truth of what christians fear

Many Christians fear that if they do not abide by god’s rules that he will punish them and send them to the “Lake of Fire”.  The idea of the Lake of Fire was a christian invention to scare the weak… Continue Reading →

A christian altar is ok but not a Satanic altar?

There are a lot of christians out there who do not want any satanic atlars around in this world. Some even want to destroy every atlar but in reality there really is no way to do so. There is much… Continue Reading →

How does a pastor make so much money?

When a christian pastor preaches about jesus, they know the listeners will follow through what they are saying and he or she knows that they will get money. They know in their minds they can say whatever, even the most… Continue Reading →

Exposing the Christian Purity Ball

During the Christian Purity Ball the daughter and father wear ball gown attire. They spend a night of dinner and dancing together. An to end the evening with a vow to abstain from having sex before marriage. (Pretty much the… Continue Reading →

On Exorcisms/Christianity

When a lot of people think of Exorcisms, they think it is about demon possession trying to get the demon out of the person. Exorcisms are not real. Why aren’t they real? In my opinion, the christian version of demon… Continue Reading →

What is a Christian spy?

A Christian spy is someone who will some what pose as a Satanist to be able to add other Satanists so then they could try to brainwash them into converting to Christianity. That is pretty much their main goal. They… Continue Reading →

Christians on Abortion

It was in July 2016, I was having an argument with people about abortion. They talked about how murder is a “sin”. They said that “murdering” a fetus is wrong. The fetus is not a human yet. Also, the fetus… Continue Reading →

Why I think Christianity is bullshit

For the past few years discovering what Christianity was actually about. I started to learn that Christianity is mostly about living through fear and being controlled through the mind. The debates I gotten with Christians were quite interesting actually. They… Continue Reading →

Why should I repent to God?

Back then christians made torture devices to kill others. They even burned witches alive and even burned those who thought were practicing witchcraft. In your so called bible it says not to kill but apparently god will allow you to… Continue Reading →

Christians who use Satan as the scapegoat

Christians will often use Satan as the scapegoat. Reason why is because in Christianity they think of Satan as “The bad guy”. Many of them will blame Satan for their problems. They will either say that “Satan made me do… Continue Reading →

Christianity and being Judgmental

Many Christians have claimed saying that they are the loving kind people… But are they really loving and kind?Here is what I am going to talk about… ____________________________________________________Why would Christians judge others? Many Christians judge others by their sexuality or… Continue Reading →

What’s the point of God’s plans?

Does God really have plans for everyone? If he did have plans for those then why are those people suffering? Many Christians say God has plan for you that will lead you through the steps through life. If he did… Continue Reading →

Christians who use images for Amens and Likes

I have seen Christians post pictures of dead children, people who are disabled, or that their is something wrong with them. I do find it quite sickening that these people will actually just use them just to get amen and… Continue Reading →

On Masturbation

Many of us love to masturbate but when it comes to extreme religious people say, they want to say that masturbation is wrong, evil, and a sin. For those who were told that masturbation is wrong and will most likely… Continue Reading →

Sex Before Marriage

How long has sex been around for?Sex has been around longer than Christianity has ever existed. People have been doing it for thousands of years. When Christianity came around the people of God started making rules that you shouldn’t have… Continue Reading →

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