Lies in Abrahamic Religions

Christians believing that Noah’s Ark is real

Is there really any proof the ark actually existing or is it just some kids fairytale story? There is no exact proof of the ark existing. In the many years this world has existed, it has never been found so… Continue Reading →

Christians believing that Sin exists

Those who have truly opened their eyes already know that “Sin” was pretty much invented by christianity. For sin to exist it will be able to control people of what they do and want to do. But never let something… Continue Reading →

Christians believing that jesus died for our sins

In my opinion, I do not believe that jesus died for our sins. When you think about it, does sin really exist or was it created to control the many of the jesus followers? A thought, if jesus really did die… Continue Reading →

Christians think that Lucifer wants to kill in order to take your soul

From what I know is that Lucifer does not kill anyone. I doubt that he has ever kill anyone because to me he isn’t that type. And him wanting our soul… Well that is not really true at all. He… Continue Reading →

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