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Courses online that cost money

Whenever I see on the internet for courses to cost money, all I can see is that they are more desperate for money than wanting to educate people how to perform rituals or spells for free. I believe they mostly… Continue Reading →

Masturbation, Sex Toys, and Menstrual Cramping Pains

When you have cramping pains, they can be pretty bad and very uncomfortable. But what I have learned is that using a vibrator can help relieve that the cramping pains and it will make you feel better. Trust me on… Continue Reading →

Heaven and Hell

HEAVEN In the Christian version on Heaven Christians believe that heaven has the clouds along with the golden gates. They believe they will spend all eternity there. But the question is that have they ever seen heaven before and have… Continue Reading →

Leaving Christianity

Leaving Christianity can be hard when you live with parents that are religious. Trying to convert to Satanism can be especially difficult when the only way you can be one is by keeping it a secret and not telling anyone… Continue Reading →

The Inverted Cross

The inverted cross is quite popular with Satanists. A lot of Satanists use the inverted cross for blasphemy and even for blasphemy rituals. Some have told me that the inverted cross is St. Peter’s Cross which they are correct but… Continue Reading →

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