There is no such thing as selling your soul

The idea of selling your soul came from the christians. Christians believe that if you sell your soul to Satan/Lucifer; that he will destroy your soul and then take complete control over your whole life which is a misconception. And… Continue Reading →

Wanting to be celibate for Satan/Lucifer?

If you are going to be celibate for Satan/Lucifer… then it is time to remove yourself from the Satanic path. Lucifer would want you to embrace your sexuality, embrace the feeling of being horny, embrace the feeling of having some… Continue Reading →

Lucifer exposing god and his lies

Art by Gustave Dore So many people believe that Lucifer was just thrown out of the realm of god (Which they believe it is called heaven). But the many of those people do not even see or even realize that… Continue Reading →

A true warrior he is

  A true warrior he is. He exposed god for what he really is. He wanted to help others understand that god is no good. He wanted us to realize that god will use us for worship and power that… Continue Reading →

Sometimes we need to let it go

Those who truly have a deep connection with Lucifer, know the pain of those who are not willing to learn the real truth. We feel the pain and the agony in our hearts. That pain can really induce to a… Continue Reading →

What I think the Sigil of Lucifer means and represents.

To me the Sigil of Lucifer means and represents Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will. – Knowledge – Lucifer wanted to give us knowledge so we can think for ourselves and understand things from a different perspective. – Knowledge can be very… Continue Reading →

Embrace his Light!

A follow up post “Calling Lucifer the Dark Lord?”

As I already know, that I know that the majority who call Lucifer the Dark Lord, see him more as so something dark and evil. But what many of these people do not realize is that there is nothing evil… Continue Reading →

Would Lucifer ever refer anyone to work with the RHP?

If you know Lucifer very well, he would never tell anyone to work with those who work with god. And why he would never tell anyone to work with those beings? They will only lie and manipulate you to bring… Continue Reading →

“The Depraved” – A quote Lucifer wanted me to write

The depraved they are…. The innocence they have taken from the innocent beings. The innocent did not deserve evil or hate from the depraved. The depraved will give many a living hell of what they did not want or ask… Continue Reading →

Never disrespect, Lucifer

To disrespect Lucifer means that you have no respect for him. If you truly say that you are one of his followers, then you must show him your respect. – When you have disrespected him, I lose all my respect for you…. Continue Reading →

The wonderful SACRIFICE Lucifer gave us

💗A wonderful sacrifice that he did for us should be enough to thank him for what he did.💗 Though, Lucifer never fell from anywhere but it is an interesting way to symbolize it as a way of him wanting to… Continue Reading →

Is the Ghost Apple a message from Lucifer himself?

  In this world we live in… it is chaos and people have been causing many problems in this world. What if Lucifer wants to remind the millions of people that he gave us Knowledge to think for ourselves? What… Continue Reading →

Are Lucifer and Satan the same being?

I do know many do debate about this. In my opinion, I do believe that they are the same being. Some believe that Lucifer is the good spirit who brings enlightenment to others and Satan is the adversary who brings… Continue Reading →

You cannot control Lucifer

It is quite funny but sad that some believe that they can be able to control Lucifer and tell him what to do. To even try to tell him what to do is a really bad move on your part… Continue Reading →

To you Lucifer:

2/24/17 “O’ Hail you Lucifer. The greatest teacher ever known and the greatest of them all. The most beautiful of them all. The one who is the Light, the Truth, and the Liberator. I hail you Lucifer, the one who… Continue Reading →

Does Lucifer want worship and power?

Many that believe that Lucifer wants worship and power but he does not desire to have any of that at all. He is nothing like god that only desires worship and power from his followers. When you start to understand… Continue Reading →

So you want to make a pact with Lucifer?

Is there a specific reason of why you want to do a pact with him? Do you feel that if you sell your soul to him that you can get whatever you want? Why should you feel that if you… Continue Reading →

Why I am a Satanist.

There are numerous of reasons why I am a Satanist. Through out the years being in the Satanic path, I have learned a lot and gain much knowledge to understand where I really am. My dislikes for Abrahamic Religions I… Continue Reading →

Guidance and Great Knowledge

Believe in yourself…

  This is still far my favorite quote from Lucifer that he had me write on 5/20/18 ♥ Believing in yourself The problem is that a lot of people do not want to focus on believing in themselves or they are… Continue Reading →

Calling Lucifer the “Dark Lord”?

There are many misconceptions about Lucifer being all dark and evil. The one thing I do not understand is that there are people who would call Lucifer the Dark Lord. Why would they call him the “Dark Lord” in the… Continue Reading →

Do you have to dedicate yourself to Lucifer?

Of course not. There is no need to “Have to” dedicate yourself to him. I do know that some say that you have to dedicate yourself to him. I am sure that they may have got the idea from the… Continue Reading →

Why you should have patience with Lucifer

If you ever ask Lucifer for guidance and help, you must be aware of his signs that he may give you. At first you may not even notice it and you probably might say that he did not help you at all…. Continue Reading →

Do we really need an altar to speak to Lucifer?

It is possible that a lot of people may have thought about this question before. And of course that question would be a good one to think about since a lot of people who don’t exactly have an altar to do… Continue Reading →

For those who live with strict religious parents

So many people live with strict religious parents. I even used to live with a religious jesus freak before I moved out. Many of you who wish to contact Lucifer but are worried if you get caught by a family… Continue Reading →

Reasons why you have a hard time contacting, Lucifer

There are number of reasons why you may have a hard time contacting him and to be honest, it is not that hard to contact him at all. I find it very easy to contact him because I know he… Continue Reading →

This is the exact truth

Not many actually believe that this is true. I am not sure who made this edit but I love it. HAIL THE LIBERATOR!  

What about praying to Lucifer?

I see it as a choice but the best way to communicate with him is by talking to him. Talk to him like if you were having a conversation with him. You may be not be able to see or… Continue Reading →

Always trust in Lucifer

Always trust in what Lucifer teaches because what you may read in books and on the internet may not always be the correct information.  Sometimes you may need to question what you read.  – Don’t always assume what you read… Continue Reading →

Let there be true Liberation!

There is always a path to true liberation. – There is much to life than listening to the lies what the church has been telling you. Open your eyes and your mind to what is really true. – Let Lucifer… Continue Reading →

Does Lucifer really punish people in hell?

Many people believe that Lucifer punishes people in hell. But does hell really exist? Here is what I wrote in another blog post Heaven and Hell. When you read the other blog post you will see why hell doesn’t really exist…. Continue Reading →

Honoring Lucifer

PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PICTURE! I edited this to specifically honor Lucifer! – In a world we live in… it is full of chaos and full of violence because those who believe in a god they say is love,… Continue Reading →

2 questions you need to ask yourself about Lucifer

  Why would Lucifer come to someone as a dark entity? If Lucifer is the Light-Bearer, why would you see him as something dark? If you have anything to say about it then please message me on Instagram at

Coming to Lucifer for Guidance and Help

A lot of people want to come to Lucifer for guidance and help to be able to advance in spirituality and in magick. A lot of us want to evolve and gain power in spirituality and in magick, but a… Continue Reading →

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