Satanic F. A. Q. ‘s

I do not speak for every satanist out there. A lot of them have different beliefs and different opinions.

Are satanists considered to be an Anti-christ?

For those who follow Lucifer and are against christ, We technically are considered to be called an Anti-christ. Even Lucifer is considered as an Anti-christ since he hates christ and anything of the RHP (Right Hand Path).

What do Theistic Satanists think of Anton LaVey?

I won’t speak for all Theistic Satanists because honestly I do not know how all feel about him. Some hate him, some dislike him, or some even love Anton LaVey. Some do appreciate his work.

Are there any daily practices in Satanism?

Yes, there are plenty of daily practices in Satanism. Daily Study: Study what satanism is about. Understand the origins of Satanism. Satanism is a very old religion. Satanism is older than many other religions in this world. Remember that there… Continue Reading →

Do we satanists try to convert people?

It all depends on the Satanist, some will want others to convert others to Satanism and some will try to let the brainwashed see the truth. -For me when I talk to Christians I try to explain to them the… Continue Reading →

Why are Satanists hated?

We are hated because many of us follow the truth that Lucifer teaches. We are hated for not living under god’s laws. We are hated for not following god. We are hated because for not following the so called “god’s… Continue Reading →

Are there any satanic books?

Yes, there are many books on the occult. You just need to know about the author. Do research about the author. I would just prefer to do the research on the internet. BUT DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!

Do we believe Satan/Lucifer is evil?

It depends I guess? Those who see him as evil, I am sure I wouldn’t want to consider them a satanist.  I would never think of Lucifer as someone being all evil. The christian version of Lucifer, they see him… Continue Reading →

Are all goths, Satanists?

Obviously not. There are goths from every religion in the world. There are some satanists who are goths. Please do not mix goth and Satanism together.

Does Satan/Lucifer accept those who are in the LGBTQ+?

Yes, of course he does accept all in the LGBTQ+. Lucifer would never judge those who are different. He accepts all. It is who we are. Lucifer is nothing like the god the christians worship.

Can a Satanist be a polygamist?

Yes, a satanist can be a polygamist. If one wants to practice polygamy it is there choice. Polygamy isn’t just a mormon practice, It has been practice way before mormonism existed.

Do Theistic Satanists worship Satan/Lucifer?

I am sure the majority of those who say they follow Lucifer, worship him. But he not desire the worship from anyone. Please read: Does Lucifer want worship and power?

Do Satanists hate Christians?

It depends, Some hate christians and some don’t. But if the christian tries to convert them to christianity, I am damn well sure that they will get rid of them immediately.

Do we worship evil?

No, we do not worship evil. Satanism is not about being evil, it is not about hate. We do not go around killing people and that is not something Lucifer would want us to do. What is sad is that… Continue Reading →

Do Satanist believe in the literal Satan/Lucifer?

Yes, we do believe in the literal Satan/Lucifer. We believe that he does exist. In Theistic Satanism most see him as God and the creator. I may be a Theistic but I do not see him as the creator but… Continue Reading →

Do we kill people and animals?

We do not kill humans or animals. That is at least one the biggest misconceptions among the many christians.

Is Satanism atheistic?

Satanism was never meant to be atheistic. Satanism originally began as believing in the existence of Lucifer. Those who say that Anton LaVey was the one who created satanism want to believe in that misconception. He basically just made his… Continue Reading →

Do we hate god?

That is a funny one. I am sure the majority of those do hate god. But there are some who say that don’t hate him and has never bothered them which is maybe somewhat odd but it is what they… Continue Reading →

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