Are there any daily practices in Satanism?

Yes, there are plenty of daily practices in Satanism.

Daily Study:
Study what satanism is about. Understand the origins of Satanism. Satanism is a very old religion. Satanism is older than many other religions in this world.

Remember that there is so much to learn about Satanism 🙂

Praying to Lucifer Daily:

I see it as a choice to pray to Lucifer. Praying to him is not mandatory like in the abrahamic religions those who follow god have to pray to god all the time.

If you are one of those who wants to pray to Lucifer then go for it. If you feel that it makes you feel good, then again go for it. Do what makes you happy.

Praying to him is more like a calling. Asking him for guidance when you need help is a good thing. Make sure you know what you doing. Please do not pray to Lucifer for no reason at all.

Practice Rituals Daily:
Practicing rituals is a way to gain more knowledge and understanding of what you are doing for the rituals you are performing. When performing rituals you must understand what you are doing. Understand what you are using for the rituals and understand why you are using it (it depends on what ritual item you are using). You can also add a prayer to the rituals.
Get to Know Others:
Getting to know other satanists around you and online can be fun. Learn about their beliefs, you may discover to find it very interesting what they say. Build good friendships with them.If you don’t know if there are any satanists around you where you live then online is the best thing for you.

Do we satanists try to convert people?

It all depends on the Satanist, some will want others to convert others to Satanism and some will try to let the brainwashed see the truth.

-For me when I talk to Christians I try to explain to them the lies in christianity but most of the time they will just try to convert me which is the hilarious part.
-It can be very hard to even have a christian open their mind and their eyes to see the real truth.
-To be honest, I would love for many to follow Lucifer’s truth but I wouldn’t force anyone to convert to satanism. I will leave it to them if they want to follow Lucifer.

Why are Satanists hated?

  1. We are hated because many of us follow the truth that Lucifer teaches.
  2. We are hated for not living under god’s laws.
  3. We are hated for not following god.
  4. We are hated because for not following the so called “god’s truth”. (There is no truth in god.)
  5. Those who hate Satanism do not understand anything about it. (They lack knowledge.)
  6. They hate us because we don’t believe in the same kind of bullshit they believe in.

Do we believe Satan/Lucifer is evil?

It depends I guess? Those who see him as evil, I am sure I wouldn’t want to consider them a satanist. 
I would never think of Lucifer as someone being all evil. The christian version of Lucifer, they see him as someone who wants to kill, steal, and destroy, He is not like that at all. He is friendly and kind. 
It is funny, the whole kill, steal, and destroy sounds a lot more like god. 

Do we worship evil?

No, we do not worship evil. Satanism is not about being evil, it is not about hate.

We do not go around killing people and that is not something Lucifer would want us to do.

What is sad is that there are some who believe that Lucifer is evil and wants to worship him as the evil guy when in reality, he is actually the good guy who is loving and caring to those who truly follow his path. Those who want to worship him as a the “evil guy”, they have no idea what following his path is really about. They lack knowledge and they lack respect towards him.

Do Satanist believe in the literal Satan/Lucifer?

Yes, we do believe in the literal Satan/Lucifer. We believe that he does exist. In Theistic Satanism most see him as God and the creator. I may be a Theistic but I do not see him as the creator but a God of other things.

There are some Luciferians that believe that he exists and some do not believe that he exist. I am not sure how Luciferianism can also be atheistic.

In LaVeyan Satanism they do not believe that he exist. They view him as a archetype representing pride, carnality, and enlightenment.
What bothers me the most is when The Church of Satan says they DEFINE Satanism – (They do not define Satanism). They say that Theistic Satanism is an oxymoron when it has been around way longer than LaVeyan Satanism.

Do we hate god?

That is a funny one. I am sure the majority of those do hate god. But there are some who say that don’t hate him and has never bothered them which is maybe somewhat odd but it is what they say.

But the other part about this question is about those who truly hate god will still continue to work with the followers of god. If you truly hate god then why must you want to work with those false beings? It does not make any sense at all.

The majority of those who hate god will most likely despise. We despise the fact that he is a murderer, he allows terrible things to happen, he allows young children to get raped, hurt, or even death. He allows many other bad things to happen.

In the bible it says(2 Chronicles 15:12-13) Kill Nonbelievers: “And they entered into a covenant to seek the lord, the god to their fathers, with all their heart and with all their soul, but that whoever would not seek the lord, the god of Israel, should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman.”

So those who do not follow god must die. Isn’t god so wonderful? Not really.

Christians believe that the holy bible is the word of god. Christians need to ask themselves is rape, murder, genocide, ritual human sacrifice, and slavery wrong? If they do believe that it is not wrong then they really need to start asking themselves if god is really worth it at all.