What can you do while you are in quarantine

1) Study and learn who Lucifer and Lilith are.
2) Learn about Magick http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/types-of-magick.html
3) Practice witchcraft
4) You can read “The Liberated Of Lucifer And The Art Of The Wise (Witchcraft) – How Does It All Go Together?” http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/wicca-lucifer-universe.html
5) You can learn from “Practical Resources and Doctrinal Notes” http://www.liberatedoflucifer.org/resources.html
6) Read about Lucifer http://followersoflucifer.com/category/information-on-satanism/lucifer
7) Read about Satanism http://followersoflucifer.com/category/information-on-satanism/satanism
8) Read about Satanic F.A.Q.’s http://followersoflucifer.com/category/information-on-satanism/satanic-f-a-q-s
9) Understand why christianity is toxic http://followersoflucifer.com/category/exposing-abrahamic-religions/exposing-all-of-the-abrahamic-religions

Showing loyalty to Lucifer and Lilith is important / Part 2

People in this path want validation and that is not what Satanism is about. They want to believe in this or that. It is all about wanting to feel “comfortable”.

But, when I mention the real truth about Lucifer and Lilith, they tend to lead to the other direction what makes them feel more comfortable.
There are so many people who are not truly loyal to Lord Lucifer and Lady Lilith. I get sick and tired of all this bullshit from other people but it is in their own free will they can choose to do what makes them happy.

It is kind of funny, those who run groups try to keep others from learning the real truth. Is it that they want all the popularity and to get well liked? They speak of things that they know others will like.

The truth needs to spread around. In this path, Lucifer and Lilith need people who are going to be truly loyal to them and won’t stray away from them.

-Luciferi Baphomet

First Part 

Being eclectic is not part of the Satanic Path / Part 1

I do not validate anything for anyone

What I write is not to validate people but to help teach people the real truth about Lucifer, Lilith, and about Satanism. I don’t write things to make others feel comfortable or happy. What I want is for people to understand is that, I am not for popularity and to be well liked. I expect people not to like what I teach and that is fine because if they don’t like what I teach then they will never understand what Satanism is really about. And if what I write doesn’t make you feel comfortable then you are welcome not to read what I write.

Other people want to write things that will validate others to the fullest extent. Meaning that they will get well liked and get the popularity. And in Satanism, why does is matter if you want to get well liked and get the popularity? The most important part is the get your work known by other people.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Being eclectic is not part of the Satanic Path / Part 1

If you say that you follow Lucifer and acknowledge god, christ, and the angels, then you were never a true follower.

Being eclectic is not part of the Satanic Path. If you are going to follow him, you must take it to consideration. He does not want people to play games. What he wants are true followers.

There is no reason to acknowledge the Right Hand Path. All you are doing is giving your power, strength, and pleasure to god. god would never give a damn about you. He doesn’t care if you want to acknowledge the Right Hand Path, he only cares if he gets your power, strength, and pleasure. Hell, you don’t even need to worship him if you are going to do that. Do not show your love or compassion to those beings. Angels lead people away from learning the real truth what Lucifer teaches. Even if they don’t have them convert to following god immediately, there main goal is to keep you from being truly free. Do NOT give into the RHP. Do NOT give them your power, strength, and pleasure, YOU can use it for yourself.

I am not sorry that you want to show your love and support to those beings. It is only YOU who can truly free yourself but if you have no interest in wanting to truly free yourself, then is what you are choosing after you die. Being a slave to god for eternity is a choice. But I choose not to be a slave. After I die… I wish to go past god, christ, and the angels. I will become that powerful Goddess that god will fear.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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Image: Source Unknown

Second Part

Satanism will not solve your life’s problems

I am sick and tired of people coming to me and asking me “How can join Satanism?”, “Will Satanism make me rich and famous?”, and “Will Satanism get me what I want?”. I want you all to understand that Satanism is a path to following Lucifer and what he teaches.

Satanism will not make you rich, famous, or get you what you want. Satanism will not fix your problems. It will not solve your life’s problems. Stop expecting Lucifer to do whatever you want him to do. He will not give you whatever you want. He is not a genie. You want to get what you want, you need to work for it.

And no, Lucifer does not want your soul and nor does he want you to make pacts with him.
Again, stop expecting Lucifer to do things for you. Stop being so greedy.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Are you ready for fall and rituals?

I believe that doing rituals on October 31st is the best time to do them. Especially doing a Dedication Ritual to Lucifer. The one thing you NEED to learn is that; when you dedicate yourself to him, you are making a very serious commitment to him. Do not do it just to do it or because other people are doing it. You do it from your heart. You do it because you truly want to follow him and want to work with him for the rest of your life. Remember that when you commit yourself to him, you must always respect him, to never lie to him, and to always to be honest with him.
But before you commit yourself to him, you must learn the real truth about him. You must at least work with him to have gotten to know him for a while. And when you have worked with him for quite some time, think and understand why you would want to work with him. He is a very serious and never to be messed around with. What he wants are true followers and serious practitioners to work with him for the rest of their life. He is a leader. He leads those who have chosen to follow him. And when I say “leader”, he is actually a leader. While he leads us, we follow him to learn the real truth and to let him guide us. Never disrespect someone who is a higher being… it will not go so well.
-Luciferi Baphomet

I will not respect abrahamic religions

Lately, I have been dealing with some of these so called “Satanists” who seem to get offended by blasphemous things against jesus and christianity. I posted a picture of people stepping on a picture of jesus and they told me that it was childish. And they did not seem to like it. If you are going to defend abrahamic religions that wishes to kill you for following Lucifer, practicing witchcraft, and being a witch then go defend those who want to murder you. I will not sit and let those people want to kill or harm me just for following Lucifer, practicing witchcraft, and being a witch. I live for Liberation, not for slavery. If you want to live for slavery then go right ahead. I will not help you for defending those abrahamic religions that will to kill us. You say that we should respect those religions, I DO NOT HAVE TO RESPECT THOSE RELIGIONS! And I will choose not to respect them. Abrahamic religions has turned people into violent human beings. They have turned people into judgemental people. We do not need people like that. god wants his followers to do all the dirty work for him and that is pretty disgusting. FUCK godFUCK christ, and FUCK the angels! They are worthless pieces of shits.
People who say that we should respect abrahamic religions have forgotten or ignored about the Witch Trials.
-Luciferi Baphomet

Drugs and Satanism

A lot of us already know that drugs can be harmful to the body and mind, but many would rather do them which is their choice and their life.

But when it comes to contacting spirits from the LHP, you need to be aware of what is going on and to understand what they are trying to tell you. But if you are so high, how will you be able to know if they are trying to tell you anything? I don’t think you will be able to.

What you need to understand is that, you do not need to do drugs or even alcohol to feel anything from a spirit. And even then, if the spirit see’s that you are high or drunk, they may not want to help you. To be aware of what is going on is very important. I cannot tell people how many times why it is so important. Awareness and Visibility are important.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Satanism is far older

Luciferians worshippers of the fallen / Art by Mary Evans / Picture Library – Fine Arts America

When I saw this image, I thought it was quite interesting. In the image, there are people dressed from the Medieval Times. I know that there were people who have been following Lucifer for centuries. Think of the witch trials, many witches followed Lucifer and even Lilith (Lilith is Lucifer’s wife). People have been following Lucifer and Lilith since the 1500’s and even way further than that.
There are a lot atheist’s who want proof but refuse to do the research themselves and sometimes even when you tell them they will still not believe it. Researching can help give them a better understanding of how long people have been following them.
Satanism was not created in 1966. Satanism is so old, it is older than christianity itself.
-Luciferi Baphomet

Denying the help for others in this path

Many Satanists believe that you should help everyone in the Satanic path, whether they ask you “How can I join Satanism?”, “How can I join the illuminati?”, “Will Satan make me rich or famous?”, “How can you make me a Satanist?”, and the list of these questions goes on and on. One of the main things they do not understand is that, those who ask those questions are not that really serious about learning the real truth about Lucifer or even wanting to get to know him at all. Most of those people are just desperate for money, fame, getting girls just to have sex with, or even just to look cool. How will you actually know if they are really serious? You just may not ever know. And to be honest, I would prefer not to help or waste my time helping those who are not serious. If they are not that interested or serious about it, why put all your effort on helping someone else who will just want to troll and waste your time? That is something you need to think about.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Satanism is more than just believing in Lucifer/Satan

When people think of Satanism, they think of it as just only “Believing in Lucifer” and “Devil Worship”. Satanism isn’t just about believing in his existence, it is about understanding who he is and knowing what he teaches. It seems that those who want to follow Lucifer, don’t really have any interest in learning about who he is or even learn what he teaches. Why follow someone if you have no interest in learning about who they are? But it seems that some just want to say they follow him to fit in and to look cool. It is quite sad that some don’t want to at least start to build a small relationship with him.

Please note that Satanism isn’t about worshiping Lucifer/Satan.
-Luciferi Baphomet


Using Sigils
Sigils can be quite useful if you do not have an altar and even then you do not have to use them but is rather a choice for that person. If they do feel that using sigils is easier for them, then that is great. The most common thing people do if they do have an altar is that they put pictures of sigils on them which is fine.

Ritual Items
It is true that there are people who believe that you need all these fancy ritual items to contact a spirit. Indeed it is a choice to have all these nice ritual items on your altar. Some people want to make it sound that you need all this fancy stuff to contact a spirit which it is pretty ridiculous. Some even just want to make it sound that this path is very difficult when really, it is not a difficult path to follow. It takes time and dedication to educate yourself on what this path is really about.

Meditating and Focusing your mind on the sigil
Meditating and focusing your mind is a great way to stimulate the mind and it can help you concentrate on the sigil of the spirit you are trying to contact. To learn to be able to contact a spirit through meditation is a great start even for a beginner. And even for a beginner it can be difficult but if they do focus on their meditations it can lead them to something much greater.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Blood Offerings / For the Females

When one is going to offer their blood to a spirit, their shouldn’t be a need to cut yourself. Especially if you are going to offer your blood to Lucifer and Lilith. The best kind of blood offer is menstrual blood to them. Why? god is the reason why we females have cramping pains during our menstrual cycle. To offer your menstrual blood to them would be quite blasphemous in a way. I do know that their are men will use a female’s menstrual blood for rituals which can be powerful but you have to believe that it will be powerful in order for it to work. Menstrual blood is a powerful tool to use when you are going to use it for a ritual.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Teenagers and Satanism

What about Teenagers that say they are a Satanist?

The question you need to ask yourself is that, are they really a Satanist or they are just doing it to shock there parents and other people?

I know for a fact that a lot of teenagers who like to use Satanism for shock values and to scare others into making others think that they are Satanist when they really are not at all. When they are using Satanism just for shock value, they are obviously making it look bad and they are even making Lucifer look bad because they probably assume that he is evil. To assume can cause problems. Those teenagers who use Satanism for shock value probably still have the christian mindset. It would not surprise me that many of them have the christian mindset and aren’t willing to understand who Lucifer really is. For them to assume that he is evil will make Satanism look bad for those who truly follow Lucifer and the truth that he teaches.

If they are willing to learn and understand who Lucifer really is, I would be happy for them to email me and ask me questions. I would also be happy for them to look through my website.

Education is the key to become more Knowledgeable.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Satanism (Sexuality – Nudity – Sex)

In Satanism, we have the Free Will to have sexual desires, enjoy nudity – Even post pornographic pictures of ourselves BUT THAT IS A CHOICE TO DO, and having sex whenever you want to. And of course, it is true that this part of Satanism (FREE WILL!). This is not like in christianity that you are held against on you having sexual desires, looking at nudity or porn, or even having sex whenever you want and including having orgies. Lucifer does not shame you for any of this unlike in christianity, they will shame you and they will try to make you look bad and even evil.
This may be part of Satanism but this isn’t exactly all of it. Satanism is mainly about following Lucifer and the truth that he teaches.
The part about having sex whenever you want to, their are some christians who believe that having sex should only be done if the couple want to have a child.
There are even some people who believe that sex is completely evil so they would never have sex with their partner.
-Luciferi Baphomet

The problems people have with religious freedom

This is at least one of this biggest problems us Satanists face. To the christians, they feel that they should have the religions freedom but when it comes to someone who believes in Satan/Lucifer, we just get bashed on because of our different belief. Many of these christians are truly the worlds problem. Many of them just want to force their bullshit on us like it is ok and they all feel that we need to be “saved” but when in reality, they need to save themselves from the bondage and slavery of the god they worship.

Another thing, if a Satanist walks around wearing something that is Satanic, they will get dirty looks and even possibly get threatened. It is sad that some of us have to live that way because of the shitty ones like christians themselves that don’t like the fact that we chose to believe in Satan/Lucifer.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Is Satanism all about Darkness?

No, Satanism is about following the Light, meaning following Lucifer’s truth. To gain great Knowledge from him and to learn the great truth from him. I see satanism as a great path and to be liberated from god’s slavery.

Those who are not educated about Satanism, will automatically think that Satanism has to do with darkness and evil. I mean, if they think Satanism has to do with darkness then they must think that Lucifer is all dark. Lucifer has nothing to do with darkness or evil. The so many misconceptions are disturbing to even hear and know.

-Luciferi Baphomet

The Youth, Satanism, Assumptions, and Misconceptions

Here is an example what many of these young people think what Satanism is all about.
It is quite often that the youth will assume that Satanism is about evil, hate, murder, and many other things. In the article I read, it said that two girls brought knives to their middle school to attempt to kill and mutilate other students for “satanic reasons”.
We do not kill or mutilate anyone. We as Satanists DO NOT do such things like that.
Apparently no one wasn’t harmed at all which was good.
The police said that the girls were at the ages of 11 and 12. They said that the girls were found in the bathroom stalls with multiple knives, a pizza cutter, and a knife sharpened. The girls were planning to commit suicide after stabbing the other students. The 2 girls were hoping they would kill 15-25 students. “Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide … (they) would go to hell so they could be with Satan.” In the text messages it stated that one of the girls said that “We will leave body parts at the entrance and then we will kill ourselves”. From what I also read, they most likely watched a horror and thought Satanism was about evil, hate, murder, etc.
Again, we do not do such acts like that. We as Satanists are friendly people. We do not go around doing such evil acts like that. 
I mean obviously those 2 girls got the wrong idea what Satanism is about and then assumed that we Satanist kill, mutilate, and drink the blood of humans and possibly animals. The main problem with these horror movies or even shows is that they will add many of these misconceptions about Satanism, then those who watch them will get confused or even assume that we do those kind of things. Sadly, not many actually do the research but yet rather assume. 
Even teenagers and some adults will get the wrong idea what Satanism is about too.
-Luciferi Baphomet

Why is Satanism so misunderstood?

Satanism is misunderstood around the world. The various prophets, popes, ministers, and priests of god have created many rumors and stories to make Satanism look so extremely “frightening”, bloody, or perverse in order to prevent curious individuals, mostly their youth, from daring to explore it, and to help ostracize any that profess of it. Most christians are very uneducated about the truth about Satanism, and they fear to learn the real truth about Lucifer.
Among the misconceptions and untrue rumors about Satanism and about Lucifer:
  1. Saying we kill babies.
  2. Saying that we kill animals.
  3. Saying that we sacrifice humans and animals to Lucifer on a pentagram.
  4. Saying that we drink blood from a human or an animal in a chalice.
  5. Saying that we sell our souls to Lucifer.
  6. Saying that Satanism has to do with the “Illuminati/New World Order”.
  7. Saying that Lucifer has to do with the number “666”.
  8. Saying that Lucifer wants to kill, steal, and destroy.
  9. Saying that Lucifer wants to lie and deceive us.
  10. Saying that Lucifer wants to steal our souls so he can destroy them.
  11. Saying that Lucifer wants to control people and rule the whole world.
  12. Saying that we Satanists want to rule the world.
  13. Saying that we go around killing other people who are not a Satanist.
  14. Saying that Lucifer will give us whatever we want if we sell our souls to him. (In reality he does not want our souls and he will not give us whatever we want. He would prefer that we learn how to do things ourselves.)
  15. Saying that Lucifer will burn people in hell (Hell is not real – It was only created to control the minds of the weak.)
  16. Saying that “666 number of the beast” is real… C’mon like really, that is like some silly nonsense.

-Luciferi Baphomet

What about contacting a spirit of the LHP for a friend?

When it comes to wanting to work with a spirit and contacting them, you should be the one contacting the spirit yourself. Doing it for a friend will not benefit anything for you or for your friend at all. The main part of witchcraft and magick is learning how to do it yourself. Do not have someone contact a spirit for you if you or your friend has no idea who that spirit is. Educate yourself and learn about that spirit. Do not be afraid to work with them or even contact them, just introduce yourself to them and you want to work with them and then see how things go from there.

This is just personal advice – Do not play around with spirits. If you try to mess with the spirit, they may never ever want to help you ever again, so please just be very respectful towards them.
–Luciferi Baphomet

What about Satanism and the Internet?

With the internet, we can use it to teach many about Satanism. We can teach them about the lies that are in the abrahamic religions. There are so many lies in the abrahamic religions, that it becomes more of an annoyance. With the internet, we can get the real truth out there. Remember, the more people that we bring to Satanism, the more knowledgeable people we have. Smart people is what we need. Abrahamic religions will make people go insane and do crazy shit and that is NOT what we need.

Again, with the internet, we can teach many people who Lucifer really is and lies that they were taught about him. We can teach them the truth but we cannot force them to believe the real truth. It is all up to them to bring the Good Knowledge into their minds.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Making my points across

People believing in false information
The amount of stupidity I deal with mostly on facebook is annoying. Some don’t even bother with wanting to start having a connection with Lucifer. What is the whole point of being a Satanist if they are not going to start a little connection with Lucifer? Many of those who call themselves Satanists don’t even do the proper research. Some will write stuff about Satanism and not even know what it is about, They will go on and make things up and even get false information that is on the internet. Also, many of them don’t even think about questioning the info that is online, they will just believe in everything that is out there. But what they fail to understand is that, Lucifer is the best one to go to for the correct information. Sometimes I wonder if some of these people trust the info on the internet instead of asking Lucifer for the right information.

Lately with some of the information I have been reading about Satanism, I have caught things that are not correct
  1. For the spirits of the LHP, it does not matter what direction you face, they will be there IF as long as you show them respect and to give them a real reason why you want them to be there.
  2. Some say you have to offer something that to specific demon. You do not have to offer anything physical to them. What they want is you to offer your dedication to them.
  3. Are there really 72 demons? No. In the realm that Lucifer is in, there are about 10 billion of them who chose to follow him. They all chose to follow his truth.
  4. What about books on Satanism. I do not trust reading any books on Satanism. I would rather not read any false information. Plus, I would rather get the right information from The Father of All Knowledge (Lucifer).
  5. Is Baphomet a real being? No. Baphomet is just an idea. I could honestly laugh that this one person told me that they sold their soul to Baphomet, Utter nonsense really.
  6. Demon of the day? There is no  such thing as “demon of the day”. All demons deserve to get the respect they deserve at all times.
  7. Some say you have to use a specific incense for the Demons, Lilith, and Lucifer. It doesn’t matter what incense you use. Use what you feel that is more connected to you. The reason I say this, is to use the incense that is more connected to you because it will make the ritual more powerful and also believing it will work, will bring great work into the ritual, Part of WITCHCRAFT is believing that the rituals and spells that will work.

People wanting more of the popularity instead of teaching Lucifer’s truth

It was early last month that I dealt with quite a few idiots. Those who call themselves Satanists don’t even care to even know what Satanism is about. Most of them rather want all the popularity. Popularity… Such a waste of time, especially when it comes to to this path. Again, most of them will do videos and make a lot of stuff up just to get all the popularity they want. Some will try to keep others from learning about Lucifer’s truth. The amount of nonsense and stupidity from these people are not even worth to give them praise or love at all. This one person made a video on her “Selling her soul to Lucifer” and I am pretty sure she was making most of stuff up in that video. What people fail to understand is that, you do not sell your soul to Lucifer. He does not want your soul and nor does he want you to dedicate your soul to him. What he wants is you to dedicate yourself to him.

People watching movies and tv shows that don’t really relate to Satanism at all

I have met people online who call themselves demons, vampires, and whatever the hell else they call themselves. Some even say they were born a demon or even a vampire. Some want to feel higher and more special than the other people around them. Someone told me that they are a “2nd degree satanic priest”. What is a 2nd degree satanic priest? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AT ALL. And like what I have said, that many of people want to feel higher and more special than others.

Like the show Supernatural, some will watch it and automatically think that demons work with angels. In reality DEMONS DO NOT WORK WITH ANGELS! People! It is just a fucking tv show, for fucks sake dammit. The amount of stupidity from these people just makes you want to scream.

-Luciferi Baphomet

My rant – Smoke Meth and Beat Whores? (WTF!)

Whoever owns that instagram account is a complete idiot and they are very uneducated about Satanism. But hey, if they want to sell some edgy shit; they can but who is the uneducated person? The one who owns that account.

Now let’s start with the “drugs”. Lucifer doesn’t encourage his followers to doing drugs. Wanting to get fucked up is not acceptable in Satanism at all.

Next, “beat whores”. Since when did this path ever tell people to beat others? This is the problem with the uneducated people. They go and make this path look bad and also they make us Satanists look like we go around doing violent things. WE ARE NOT VIOLENT!

I cannot stand people who want to make things up. Seriously, the idiocy is on the top with some of these people.

-Luciferi Baphomet

For those who think that Satanism is something that you join.

I have had many people ask me “How can I join Satanism?” and I will tell that “Satanism is not something that you join. Satanism is not a club. Satanism a path that you follow Lucifer and to follow what he teaches.” Satanism is a path and which it is a very serious path. Following this path means you are accepting to follow Lucifer and to accept the truth that he teaches. And understanding his truth is very important.

For those who just want to become a Satanist to become rich, famous, get girls, and to get whatever they want, All I am going to tell you is that; Lucifer will not give you whatever you want. He will know right before if you are going to use him for whatever you want (He is not a genie – HE DOES NOT GRANT WISHES OR ANYTHING OF THAT KIND!!!). If you show disrespect towards him, he may not want to help you. He highly dislikes getting disrespected. If you are going to disrespect him it is best that you don’t even come to him at all.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Do I limit myself as a Satanist?

As a Satanist who works with Lucifer in the Left Hand Path, I DO NOT limit myself of what I can do. I choose not to work with angels because I know that they are Deceivers, Liars, and Manipulators. All they will do is just pull you away from Lucifer and from learning the truth that he teaches. Most of the time they will just mess with your mind and make you think something is happening even when nothing really is (Especially when a “Satanist” does rituals to contact spirits of the LHP – Those who still works with angels in the RHP).

Saying that I believe in the misconceptions about angels is quite hilarious actually. What are the kind of misconceptions about angels? None really.

I am not a Right Hand Path Satanist, A RHP Satanist would be someone who also works with angels. It is kind of funny how things work.

-Luciferi Baphomet

How would one be a reversed christian?

In my opinion of what a reversed christian would be, if someone who worships Lucifer and sees him as someone who “evil”. They probably even think of him as the “cool bad guy” or something, who knows. Honestly, if they really think of that of him then I would not consider them as a real Satanist. If they want to believe that they are a Satanist, then that is fine, but it is only in their head that they are one; when in reality they are not at all.

For those who don’t see him as the “evil man”, we see him as someone who Kind, Caring, and Loving. It is quite sad that some of these people will actually make him look bad. Some even think he will take over the world and kill all the christians. If Lucifer were to come to this mortal realm with a physical body, I am very sure he would want to expose the truth about god. Lucifer’s main goal is to help liberate as many as he can from god’s slavery, but it is all up to them if they want to listen to his truth. The truth that Lucifer teaches will never die.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Why you should keep Satanism a Secret

In the Islamic countries, you have to be careful what you say about being a Satanist. Many of the Muslims hate Satanism and Witchcraft and won’t tolerate that at all, and barely tolerate anyone practicing a different religion other than the Muslim religion. The Muslims believe that if you are not Muslim you should be forced to convert to Islam, pay them money for the ability to practice your religion, or be killed. Yes, I think it does sound pathetic but that is how the way they are. They claim to say that their religion is The ‘Religion of Peace” but that is clearly not the case.
In many of the Christian homes, the parents are usually strict Christians or possibly extremist. Sometimes the parents will teach Christianity to their children so they can be “Good Christians”. If their child ever gets into the path of Satanism; the parents would probably freak out and possibly send them to some Christian school to get them to convert. Christianity is not for everyone just like Satanism is not for everyone.
I believe many Christian parents fear if their child ever becomes a Satanist, their child will start to understand that there is nothing wrong with loving the same gender, learn that masturbation is normal, or even learning that there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage.
Some parents may be accepting or some may just be damn well insane and force the religion down their throats like there is no tomorrow.
Remember that you have the right to tell others that you follow
Lucifer, but it may not end well as you expected.
He would rather have his followers safe and to protect themselves from those who would want to harm them.

I remember when I was an Atheist in (2009-2012), my step mom wanted to put me in a Christian school but luckily she did not have the money to put me in it. She hated the fact that I did not believe in god. My first thought was when I became an Atheist in 2009; I was starting to feel that it was god who was the one killing many people. My step mom is a jesus freak.
In 2013, when I came back to Satanism, it was when she started to freak out and scream at me telling me that “Satan is evil!” quite a few times. That was the last thing she wanted to deal was with me becoming and starting to follow Lucifer and to believe that he exist. Yes, she hated it so much. But hey, you can’t force what you believe in onto someone else. I remember she thought it was one of my old friends telling me about “Satan” but she was wrong about that back in 2012.
-Luciferi Baphomet

A Satanist working with angels?

When I hear about a Satanist working with angels… it makes me cringe. The question you need to ask yourself is that, Why would someone who is dedicated to following Lucifer wants to go work with angels? The angels follow god and his christ. If you go on and work with angels then you are not a true dedicated Satanist. angels can manipulate and lie to you. They Can or Will pull you away from following Lucifer and from learning about his truth. Please be considerate and show true respect and honesty with Lucifer. Lucifer DOES NOT like dishonesty.

Also, even if you are not working with Lucifer or even following him, Satanism began because of him; around the time of Adam and Eve. Lucifer taught Eve much knowledge like Art of the Wise, taught her that god is no good, and also taught her that there is only one way to pass god and his christ before you die.

Be like Eve
  • She was willing to follow Lucifer’s truth.
  • She was always honest with him.
  • She was willing to learn much knowledge from him.
  • She kept following him until the day she died.
  • Her children inherited the truth.
The Apple is a symbol of Knowledge… *THINK* about it…
-Luciferi Baphomet

Satanism and Metal

Many christians believe that if you listen to metal, they will assume that you are a Satanist. There assumption is wrong. They believe that metal is “The Devils Music”. What they fail to understand is that listening to metal does not make anyone a Satanist, what makes someone a Satanist is understanding what Satanism is about and also understanding the real truth about Lucifer.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Is Lucifer-Satan Baphomet?

Some people believe that Lucifer is Baphomet. Lucifer is not Baphomet.
Baphomet is an  idol. Baphomet was a deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping and that subsequently was incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. The name Baphomet first came around in a trial transcript for the Inquisition of the Knight Templar in the early 14th century. The first time it came into the popular English usage in the 19th century. It was during the debate and speculation on the reason for suppression of the Templars.
In the year 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with the “Sabbatic Goat”. The image was drawn by “Eliphas Levi” which contains binary elements representing the “Sum total of the universe”. It also represents male and female, good and evil. Levi’s intentions was to symbolize his concept of “the equilibrium of the opposites”. It was essential to his magnetic notion of the Astral Light. The Baphomet represents a heretical tradition that should result in a perfect social order. A notion that can be understood against Levi’s socialist background.
Eliphas Levi
-Luciferi Baphomet

People who think they can be a Satanist and a Christian at the same time

The one thing I could never understand is that, how can some people believe that they can be a christian and a Satanist at the same time. There is no possible way to follow god and to follow Lucifer at the same time. Do they fear that if they don’t follow god that they will “Burn in hell for all eternity”? Why would someone want to be a Christian when they will just brainwash you?

You cannot serve Lucifer and god at the same time. Lucifer is the one who liberates us from god’s slavery; while god is the one who enslaves his people and brainwashes them into thinking that Lucifer is the one who is evil, when he is actually not evil at all. Some fear that if they don’t serve god that he will just send them to burn in the “fiery pits of hell” which the fiery pits of hell does not exist. It is used as a scare tactic to keep his followers in control. And yes, those who think they can be a Satanist and a Christian at the same time are just full of shit.

-Luciferi Baphomet

To those who follow Joy of Satan and do the Dedicating your soul Ritual to Lucifer/Satan

Just remember that you do not dedicate your soul to Lucifer. He does not want to your soul and nor does he buy them or anything like that. The ritual on JOS says that you use a razor or a needle to cut yourself to sign your name in blood… You should not have to cut yourself to show that you want to follow Lucifer. Does he really want you to do self-harm? No he does not. Why would he even want you to do self-harm? Self-harm is not healthy and it could lead to getting infections which is not very safe.

When I was a beginner Satanist, I discovered about Joy of Satan back in September or October 2012. Back when I was a beginner Satanist I didn’t really know what Satanism was about, and I am sure a lot of beginner Satanists don’t really know what Satanism is about especially if they never heard the names (Satan/Lucifer) like me. I remember doing the ritual to write my name in blood and I never really thought about writing my name in blood for anything. I am not sure what I thought when I was doing that kind of “ritual”. But years later in 2016 I learned that there is no need to cut yourself to use your blood for a ritual to follow or enter into the service of Lucifer.

(1.) Can I perform the ritual more than once?
Answer: It does not matter because needing to cut yourself to do a ritual for Lucifer is not right.

(2.) I performed the ritual. I could barely get any blood on the paper, is the ritual still valid?
Answer: Again it DOES NOT matter.

(3.) I am under-age and my parents would cause me serious problems if they ever caught me doing a Satanic ritual.
Answer: Just be aware if you are living in a home with religious followers of god. Make sure they do not catch you doing a Satanic Ritual because if they do some things could happen…
1. Force you to follow god.
2. Taking your ritual stuff away which is not right to take someone else’s stuff away.
3. Taking you to a psychiatrist to get “checked” because you chose to follow Lucifer.
Those 3 that I did mention are a disrespects to religious freedom. Many Christians hate religious freedom and feel that all should worship god. Yes, we all do have the right to practice our own religion but to force it on others is just wrong.

(4.) I am underage, living in a Christian home and my parents force me to go to church and participate in Christian sacraments. Can I still do the dedication?
Will Satan be angry with me?
If you are underage and following Lucifer it is better safe to not say anything about following him. It can be hard to tell others that you follow him because they might freak out, you might possibly lose friends, and also they might not even want to ever be around you ever again.

Of course you can still perform a Dedication Ritual to Lucifer but AGAIN you DO NOT “NEED” to cut yourself to do a ritual for Lucifer. Lucifer DOES NOT encourage his followers to do self-harm. If you do not have any candles you can just draw an inverted pentagram on a piece of paper or it can drawn a on poster board or you can print a picture of Lucifer (if you can). I do know know that dollar stores have 7 days candles for a pretty cheap price.
When you do the Dedication Ritual just renounce god to never be your savior ever again that is IF you have worshiped god before. Renounce all the evils of god.

Renounce god, jesus, and his angels. Show them that they are worthless and that they mean nothing to you. Show them that you will be a true Follower of Lucifer. Show them that Lucifer will be your liberator and to free you from his slavery and to never want to enter god’s dominion.

Always remember that there are other ways to do a dedication to Lucifer.
-Luciferi Baphomet

Becoming a Satanist

To become a Satanist, you must become aware of what you are getting into. Many people may judge you and treat you differently. You may end up encountering many of the religious extremist. But just remember be who you are and don’t let them bring you down. Ignore what they say and try not to let them to put anything in your mind that will make you doubt Satanism. They will try to put anything in your mind that will make you think that Satanism is evil.

If you really do want to become a Satanist you must study and learn what Satanism is about. It can take a lot time of learn. But be really sure if you really want to become a Satanist. Satanism does not make you famous, rich, and nor does it get you things and also, Satanism does NOT have anything to do with the Illuminati. If you want to become famous, rich, get things you want, you’ll have to work for it but please don’t mix being famous, rich, etc with Satanism.

What Satanist do not do. Whenever a Christian says that Satanists kill babies, drink blood of the humans or animals, sacrifice humans and sacrifice animals, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. They do not know anything what this religion is about. They love to make Satanism look bad and evil. They think Satanism is all about evil, hate, and murder.

Many of the Christians think they are the Know It All’s. If they did not have their heads far up god’s asshole maybe they may lighten up a bit and see that Christianity is really all about evil, hate, murder, and judgment. But surely they are afraid to see the truth. They say that Lucifer is evil, that he kills people, and that he will possess people. They are very wrong about what they are saying about Lucifer.

Lucifer is the liberator, the one who frees us from god’s slavery. The one who gave us Knowledge, Liberation, and Free Will so we can think for ourselves. He wanted us to be smart and to think for ourselves.
-Luciferi Baphomet

The illuminati

So many people think that the illuminati has to do Satanism. They think like “Hey, if I join Satanism I will get everything I want”. But a real Satanist knows that they are wrong and that they are posers. Satan will help people in the spiritual way. He is not a genie who will grant anything to anyone. Those people who think they will get whatever they want if they become a Satanist are more desperate for money than anything else. Most aren’t really interested in learning what being a Satanist is about.

For a long time I have been getting messages from people telling me that they want money and fame. I tell them to go study what Satanism is about but they refuse. I tell them to go get a job but most of the times they just rather live in a fantasy life. I will help them understand but if they do keep asking the same questions after I told them the truth I will quit talking to them.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Do you join Satanism?

You do not join Satanism. There is nothing to sign up for to become a Satanist. It is a choice to become a Satanist. In Satanism, we walk with Lucifer happily and free. When we walk with Lucifer; we learn what Satanism is truly about.
Satanism is a path that you follow. You follow and learn the real truth that he teaches.
When people are not aware what Satanism actually is, they often ask “Do I join Satanism” or “How can I join Satanism?”. Most of them who have no idea what Satanism is about will assume and even ask “How can I become rich?”, “How can I become famous?”, or “Will Satanism give me money?”. And I will tell them that you don’t become rich or famous. And of course Satanism will not give you money at all.
Satanism has nothing to do with the illuminati. The illuminati is not real. Whoever first tried to mix Satanism with the illuminati is a complete idiot.

Do we force others to be a Satanist?
You will not be forced to become a Satanist. We are NOT like the christians or muslims who force people to be into their religion. We won’t attack you if you do not want to become one. Remember that it is your choice to study and learn what Satanism is about.
-Luciferi Baphomet