Maybe I should start giving less of a fuck

I am starting to maybe realize that I should probably give a less of a fuck about what people do in the path of Satanism and only focus on Lucifer and Lilith. Though I do find it offensive to see… Continue Reading →

Someone is not that smartest cookie in the jar

Today I saw someone post the title of the blog post on instagram “Wanting to be celibate for Lucifer/Satan?” and I decided to ask her if she read the description of my post because the titles of the posts I… Continue Reading →

I am Anti-JOS (Joy of Satan)

I know I am going to get hate for this but I do not care. I am going to be honest here, it is nice to meet people who are anti-jos (Joy of Satan) on Instagram. I am glad to… Continue Reading →

I am tired of the bullshit on the Religious Forums website

So here is the bullshit I was dealing with on there. I decided to go on the LHP (Left Hand Path) DIR (Discuss Individual Religions) forum to promote my new Instagram page that teaches about Satanism. So I thought this… Continue Reading →

A random fortune cookie that had something religious in it

So it was yesterday that I was going to eat a fortune cookie and the little paper had something religious on it, it was something about angels. And surely I was like, wtf is this lol? I showed the little… Continue Reading →

A true warrior he is

  A true warrior he is. He exposed god for what he really is. He wanted to help others understand that god is no good. He wanted us to realize that god will use us for worship and power that… Continue Reading →

The Good Venom

I AM the Serpent. My venom is sweet. I will not bite you without being invited. It will give you great Knowledge and Truth, Freedom and Light, not the death and slavery offered by the christ. I offer this freely…. Continue Reading →

A dream that I cannot understand

It was on March 28th, 2019 that I discovered that my friend Brandon Emery passed. He passed away on March 20th, 2019. It is hard to say or even understand but it was a few weeks ago that one night… Continue Reading →

For a good friend who passed…

R.I.P. Brandon Emery 1979-2019 Today… when I found out that he passed I was in shock and in disbelief and even then I am still in disbelief. My heart and my mind still hurts with agony. Even though I only… Continue Reading →

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