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Stop thinking god is good.

Here is a post I made on my fb profile.
Someone posted on there status saying “If you are a Christian who believes people are abominations, then you are not Christian” and I thought it was funny but sad at the same time since these types actually believe that god loves everyone and accepts everyone.
I wish these people would open their eyes and see that god isn’t really that loving kind of being. god loves no one and hates everyone.

The Toxic Bullshit

Ok… I cannot stress it enough that LUCIFER WOULD NEVER WORK WITH THE RIGHT HAND PATH BEINGS! Everytime I read when someone says “Lucifer would work with anyone. Especially angels”. For fucks sake, I thought those who work with Lucifer would know this but NO.
It was earlier this morning that I was reading comments from people saying that Lucifer would work with angels and it literally had me slamming the table and screaming “Lucifer would never work with archangels!” To be honest, it is there choice to believe in that that bullshit but Lucifer would never work with anyone would work with the RHP beings or say that he would work with the RHP beings. End of rant.
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-Luciferi Baphomet


Making up to 2000 followers made me feel great 🙂 
On July 23rd, 2019 I made that Instagram account and my goal was to have 1000 followers by the end of the year. And to have 2000 followers by the end of year astonishes me. I have very happy about this. I am hoping to have a ton of more followers my the end of next year 😀 
-Luciferi Baphomet

Oh the ignorance!

I told this one christian that that Lucifer gave us Knowledge so we can think for ourselves and his response:
“Thinking for ourselves causes nothing but harm”
and I said to him “Thinking for yourself causes nothing but harm? So you rather get dictated by god? Having him tell you what you can do and cannot do? That doesn’t sound like freedom to me.”
He believes that god gave us freedom and freewill even though god did not give that to us at all. He is a blind sheep.
If only he knew what his god was really doing; he would shit himself. 
-Luciferi Baphomet

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!
I will be adding new information in 2020 which I am excited about.
I am hoping to be able to post more pictures of the altar next year 🙂
Anyways, I have hoping you all have Happy New Year and to become more educated about Satanism 😀

-Luciferi Baphomet

Followers on Instagram

Art by William Blake
I am so happy with the amount of followers that I have been getting. My goal this year was to reach up to 1,000 followers and pretty soon I will have reached up to 2,000 followers. This is a huge jump for me. I have never had that many followers on instagram before and I am hoping to get more followers so they can learn what Lucifer really teaches. The more followers, the more I can be able to teach.
Thank you to all my followers!
Hail Lord Lucifer and Hail Lady Lilith!
If you would like to follow me on Instagram, you can follow me at
-Luciferi Baphomet

Getting back on track on the Satanic Path

I started thinking, after looked back at what I wrote in my grimoire about my experiences with Lucifer, I should start to connect with him more about this path.
I need to start working with Lilith and to get to know her.

Even though god wants to lead me away from this path… he will never be able to lead me away or manipulate me.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Let Lucifer guide you

Lucifer by Richard Westall.

Let Lucifer into your life and let him guide you to a better life. Let him teach you the real truth so YOU can free yourself from the bondage and slavery of god. The truth will set you free if you listen to what he teaches. But it is only you that can decide to let him guide you.

He is a great spirit who leads people to the right direction. That right direction can bring great things into your life, but you must stay dedicated to him and to have a heart to follow him. Also, the one thing you must learn; is to never go to him just for what you want. Showing him how greedy you are will make him want to turn away. A wonderful spirit like him who wants to help and guide; you should never turn away from that. Be kind to Lucifer and he will show the same to you.

-Luciferi Baphomet

When a spirit cares about you more

It was the other day that my step mom messaged me on twitter telling me that she “NEEDED” to get in touch with me, which I knew it was a load of bullshit. It was just a way to get me to answer her. For the past few months she has been using accounts on IG and on Twitter with different usernames hoping to get information from me. I am tired of her trying to use me and thinking that I will fall for every fucking thing.

I was going to contact Lucifer about this but what I felt from him was not to worry about contacting him at all. He wants me to forget about her and focus on other things that mean more.

I would love to erase her from my mind so I wouldn’t have to ever think or even worry that she is trying to invade my life ever again.

-Luciferi Baphomet

It is time that I stopped caring

Every time I hear about other parents accepting their sons and daughters for being Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans, etc, I end up getting pissed because I remember when I was 16 telling my step mom that I am Bi Sexual, she kept telling me that I am straight. Maybe it is time that I need to stop giving a damn because I know my step mom will NEVER accept me for being Bi. And that is fine. To her, it was ok for people to be Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Trans, etc, but when it was me, it is like, Oh No you are going to be Straight. She basically wanted me to grow up wanting me to be like her. She wanted me to be straight, love going to church, and to love christ. I became the complete opposite of what she wanted me to be and I am glad I became the opposite of what she wanted me to be.

For years, she and the family tried to keep me from know anything about Lucifer. She wanted me to believe that christ only existed. To only believe that christ only existed is pretty sad. jesus has never helped me with my life and nor my step mom either. I was basically led to suffer alone for those years.

But you know, how can you trust people like them who never wanted to show you support for who you are. My step mom has defended people against me and you know how disgusting that is? IT IS REALLY FUCKING DISGUSTING. I am glad she is out of my life and I am glad that I cut all contact with her a few years ago. That was the best thing I have ever done with my life even though the crazy bitch has been stalking me online since ever I got with my husband in person in April 2014.

     I have learned that if  your parents don’t except you for who you are, there are other people who will give a damn.
-Luciferi Baphomet

A life lesson

Back in September 5th, 2012, Lucifer revealed himself to me so I can get to know him and learn much about him. For those few months I have been following him, an unknown spirit that was unfamiliar to me came from gods realm to try to get me to convert to Orthodox Christianity. They have confused me and even tried to get me to think that it was Lucifer trying to get me to go back to Christianity even though he was trying to warn me not to leave this path or even listen to that spirit but being so confused… I did convert. I was a beginner Satanist, I really had no idea what I was doing at the time, especially that I had no idea Lucifer existed before he revealed himself to me.

For a while being an Orthodox Christian, at one point I masturbated and then something came to my mind. What if Lucifer made me do it and what if he wanted me to sin against god? After that had happened, I went back to the Orthodox Church to talk to the priest what I have done. And you know what he told me that surprised me “You controlled your own actions”. Yes, It was shameful to have blamed Lucifer for that act but it is a lesson I have learned, don’t blame others for your own actions because it may end up backfiring on you.

After coming back to Satanism on December 5th, 2013… I have learned so much about christianity. They try to brainwash you and get you to think that Lucifer makes you do all these acts like masturbating, killing humans or animals, sex before marriage, etc. But what many of these Christians need to learn is that, it was YOU who had done that act, NOT LUCIFER. Before you even try to blame Lucifer, think of the act that you have done, learn that it was you and not him. Because one day, you will feel so ashamed for blaming him, that you will wish that you have never had done that. You will wish that you could take it back.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Maybe I should start giving less of a fuck

I am starting to maybe realize that I should probably give a less of a fuck about what people do in the path of Satanism and only focus on Lucifer and Lilith. Though, I do find it offensive to see a nazism symbol on Lucifer’s sigil at the same time I shouldn’t give a damn about it. It is true that many people in this path of Satanism can be a true asshole to a leader (That leader is Lucifer). I would love for more people to show at least respect towards him but at this point, I am probably going to give less of a fuck about those people who to don’t want to truly follow him and learn from him. Some are not worth helping at all.

-Luciferi Baphomet

Someone is not that smartest cookie in the jar

Today I saw someone post the title of the blog post on instagram “Wanting to be celibate for Lucifer/Satan?” and I decided to ask her if she read the description of my post because the titles of the posts I post on instagram; I do not post them just for whatever. Also, in her description she wrote “but of course” so I asked her “Do you know what celibate means?” and the hilarious part was that she blocked me. She probably took offence of it and it is like if you do not know a word then just look it up. jebus yah know? 

-Luciferi Baphomet

I am Anti-JOS (Joy of Satan)

I know I am going to get hate for this but I do not care.

I am going to be honest here, it is nice to meet people who are anti-jos (Joy of Satan) on Instagram. I am glad to see that there are people who understand that Satanism has nothing to do with nazism at all. I mean think about it, Satanism never had to do with nazism at all but because of jos, they wanted to mix it with Satanism which is completely unethical. Trying to mix something that doesn’t go together will not go very well.

-Luciferi Baphomet

I am tired of the bullshit on the Religious Forums website

So here is the bullshit I was dealing with on there. I decided to go on the LHP (Left Hand Path) DIR (Discuss Individual Religions) forum to promote my new Instagram page that teaches about Satanism. So I thought this it is only LHP related, why not just promote it right? So apparently one of the staff members did not like it and took it off. So trying to promote something Satanic is wrong? I am sure none of the admins are Satanists. I am wondering if that site is mostly runned by christians and who are do not like Satanism? Maybe trying to speak the real truth about Lucifer and exposing the abrahamic religions offends them? Who knows?!

But I am truly considering on deleting my account and being done with those people. Hell you cannot even cuss. Trying to be all “Family Friendly”? Maybe! But a site that doesn’t allowed curse words is just like come on and get with the times and stop being so pusified. All I am going to say is that “That site is fucked!”.

-Luciferi Baphomet

A random fortune cookie that had something religious in it

So it was yesterday that I was going to eat a fortune cookie and the little paper had something religious on it, it was something about angels. And surely I was like, wtf is this lol? I showed the little paper to my husband. And the funny but sad part was that the fortune cookie did not taste right. Maybe it was poisoned by christian bullshit? Who knows 😂 I guess it is not the best to trust stuff with religious bs in it.

-Luciferi Baphomet

A true warrior he is

A true warrior he is.
He exposed god for what he really is.
He wanted to help others understand that god is no good.
He wanted us to realize that god will use us for worship and power that he desires.
He wanted to help liberate as many as he possibly can.
What he teaches will never die.
What he teaches will live on forever with those who he taught about the real truth to.

-Luciferi Baphomet


The Good Venom

I AM the Serpent.

My venom is sweet.

I will not bite you without being invited.

It will give you great Knowledge and Truth, Freedom and Light, not the death and slavery offered by the christ.

I offer this freely.

Will you partake?

Please note that this is something that I came up with. I am not speaking for Lucifer and nor this is a quote from him.

-Luciferi Baphomet

A dream that I cannot understand

It was on March 28th, 2019 that I discovered that my friend Brandon Emery passed. He passed away on March 20th, 2019.

It is hard to say or even understand but it was a few weeks ago that one night I had a dream that I saw him and apparently that he never really died. I know that he passed but to see him in the dream that he never really passed makes me really want to understand more of why I had this dream.

-Luciferi Baphomet

For a good friend who passed…

R.I.P. Brandon Emery


Today… when I found out that he passed I was in shock and in disbelief and even then I am still in disbelief. My heart and my mind still hurts with agony. Even though I only knew him online it truly hurts. A good friend who leaves can bring great pain. But even though he had MS he can be free and no longer be in that pain anymore. He was surely great to talk to. I am going to miss talking him. Be free my good friend.

He was true to Lucifer and was a wonderful Luciferian.

You are with father, Lucifer…

May Lucifer guide you in the spiritual realm.

May he lead you to something much greater.

May he teach you great things that you never knew about before. 

He will always be a child of Lucifer.

R.I.P. Great One

-Luciferi Baphomet