My Artwork

My new drawing of a serpent around the apple representing the Garden of Eden

My husband gave me a suggestion that I should put the part of the serpent behind the apple 😃

Phone Case – Sigil Art

How I did this artwork on the phone case was, I reversed his sigil and the words so I can be able to trace it right on the screen of my laptop. By being able to trace from right on… Continue Reading →

Sigil of Lucifer – Drawing

I did on this 10/3/18 for I ritual I did. I will not say it was the greatest drawing but I think I did pretty good.

My Satanic Artwork

First Satanic Drawing Pentagram I drew on Sep 5th, 2012. The story about it is on the About Me page.____________________________________________________ Pentagram and Inverted Cross drawing Drew this back in 2012 when I was a Theistic Satanist. I like the use… Continue Reading →

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