My Edits

Embrace his Light!

Hail his name!

New edit I made :)

My wonderful edit I made with PicMonkey and Free Online Image Editor. (YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PERMISSION TO EDIT OVER MY EDIT!)

New cover photo for my social media profiles

I could honestly say that this is one of the best photo covers I have made 🙂

New photo cover for my website and social media sites

Let Lucifer LIBERATE you!

Don’t let your mind become a slave to god.

Guidance and Great Knowledge

Believe in yourself…

  This is still far my favorite quote from Lucifer that he had me write on 5/20/18 ♥ Believing in yourself The problem is that a lot of people do not want to focus on believing in themselves or they are… Continue Reading →

Always make it come from the heart when you dedicate yourself to father, Lucifer.


Knowledge is power to the mind

Always be patient with Lucifer

Something many people should learn.

New edit. Be his true disciple.


Quote done by my husband Magus Luciferian.


Be his proud disciple

Hail Lucifer

  Edit I did with the picture of the mountains and the trees I took. I hope you guys like it 🙂

The Truth

Never fear knowledge.  

Hell is not real


Live for the truth


Never fear the Truth


New Logo for the Followers of Lucifer and Education!

I made the edit on 9/8/18. Please do not edit over the logo!

Lucifer’s Guidance

New edit I did for my Followers of Lucifer and Education website

Lucifer’s Love

His love is forever…

Lucifer Inspires

Edited on 5/20/18 – (YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PERMISSION TO EDIT THIS IMAGE OR ALTER HIS QUOTE!) – Another thanks to Father Lucifer for this beautiful quote. “The main focus is to believe in yourself. To believe is to be… Continue Reading →

In honor to father

My edit. Please DO NOT edit. In honor and dedication to you father Lucifer. When I am down, let your powerful light shine the brightest on me. Let me know that you are there. Let me see your Light. Let… Continue Reading →

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