Rituals and Witchcraft

A lesson on “How can you reverse your cramping pains right back to god?”

THIS LESSON IS FOR THE FEMALES! I know that there are many females out there who suffer from bad cramping pains and yes at times they can get really bad. Sometimes they can be very annoying and very bothersome.  When… Continue Reading →

On Ouija Boards

Now a days ouija boards are not really taken seriously at all. They are pretty much sold in a lot of toy stores… which kind of ruins the purpose them being a spiritual board. I believe that they should only… Continue Reading →

Learn about the Blasphemy Masturbation Ritual

A Blasphemy Masturbation Ritual can be very powerful especially when doing it in front of the altar. Offering your lust and your cum to Lucifer, Lilith, or the Demons can also be very powerful. Offering your lust and your cum… Continue Reading →

Practicing on Budget Rituals

A budget ritual is using things for rituals that are not very expensive and that you cannot afford. Like for example, you can get cheap candles and draw out Sigils for the ritual you are going to do. If you… Continue Reading →

Reasons not to do love and break up spells

Many of us get desperate to do things for love. We may sometimes let love make us go insane. But using Magick to get someone to love you back or get someone to come back to you is not healthy. It is called… Continue Reading →

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