Farewell to the Followers of Lucifer and Education on MeWe.

We are sorry to say that the Followers of Lucifer and Education on MeWe will be going away on Monday October 14th due to needing to pay to keep it up. It has been wonderful to keep the page on… Continue Reading →

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Go follow this new Instagram page where you can learn about Lucifer, Lilith, and about Satanism. I will also be posting things about exposing the abrahamic religions. I am hoping many will learn a lot from what I post on… Continue Reading →

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My NEW logo I created for the Followers of Lucifer and Education. Let me know what you think about the new logo!

My new Youtube channel

So, it was just last month that I created a new youtube channel for scrying and for education. I have deleted the category for the altar videos on the website. It seemed when I tried to upload the videos that… Continue Reading →

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Going to be taking the time to fix up blog posts

So yes, I am going to be fixing up some errors, mistakes, and misspelling, and other things on the blog posts. It may take me some time but I will have new posts posted up hopefully soon. So please be… Continue Reading →

My explanation for getting rid of the Followers of Lucifer and Education on Social Media

It has been quite difficult to keep up with the FOLAE pages on Instagram, Facebook, MeWe (I did not delete the page on there), and Tumblr. Trying to keep them updated constantly was stressful and difficult. For quite sometime I… Continue Reading →

I had to take the subscribe button off the website

Due to so many spam email accounts subscribing to the email subscription I have been getting countless of emails which was getting quite annoying. I will see about getting a better subscribe button that uses a capcha to keep the… Continue Reading →

Google Plus is going to shut down on April 2nd

So I just got notified that Google Plus is going away on April 2nd. I will keep using it until it goes away. Anyways here is a screen shot I took.

New post coming soon “Why I am a Satanist”

I am going to be explaining why I am a Satanist and why I chose the Satanic Path. I am going to try to make it a bit long. I hope you guys are going to like it.

Are you on MeWe?

It was quite recently that I created a page on there for the Followers of Lucifer and Education. If you are interested, you can follow my page on there. MeWe / Followers of Lucifer and Education

New theme :)

I decided to change the color of theme black and red, and for years those two colors have always appealed to me the most. Comment in the comment section and let know know how my website looks with this knew… Continue Reading →

Happy Yule :D


A new category to my blog will be added soon: Victims of the Abrahamic Religions

This category is going to be about those who we killed by the followers of god.  I will also be adding the victims of exorcisms – The exorcisms were never needed mainly because they are just so pointless and a… Continue Reading →

Update on Artwork of Lucifer category

Pretty soon I am going to add more of the Artwork of Lucifer. I know I haven’t added any for quite sometime. Remember to keep updated with the FOLAE!

Reasons why I left The Order of the Dark Arts group

It was last night that I left the group. 1. After being in the group for a little over a week I found it to be a somewhat a little suspicious. More like it was not right. 2. Working with… Continue Reading →

Changing info about Lilith

I recently read the info I wrote about Lilith and I am like wow lol. I really need to re-edit the info I have about her. I am also going to be doing more research about her.

Follow up post for the Dedication Ritual to Lucifer

I am going to be explaining how you can dedicate yourself to Lucifer.  I am going to have this follow up post up before Halloween comes since most people do those kind of rituals on Halloween. 

Just letting you guys know.

I have been dealing with stomach problems since early last month. This week I found out that have H Pylori. Also this week I started taking 1,500mg of antibiotics which they have caused me to have bad headaches. Other than… Continue Reading →

Been busy

Sorry I have not been posting very much. I have been very been busy with a lot of stuff. Vacations Vacations Vacations lol. 

It was last night that I decided to let Lucifer choose what I should do with my Satanic blog so he had me separate the Medieval Related stuff to a separate blog. Sometimes I can become so indecisive about what… Continue Reading →

Adding Soon – Victims of Exorcisms

I have a list of people I am going to talk about. I have 23 right now to add but I am going to find some more people to add to the list.

Next month is PRIDE Month!

I will be going over everything that is about the LGBTQ+ Community.  I will go over the different flags and the different sexualities. 

Update for My Testimony to Father Lucifer

I have realized that I have a lot of mistakes in the blog post. I may add a bit more to it. I will have to see what I can put. I want to make my testimony a better. This… Continue Reading →

Adding F. A. Q.’s

Pretty soon I will be adding FACTS, ANSWERS, and QUESTIONS.  I do want more people to understand what Satanism is about and to not assume that satanism is evil. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have the more you… Continue Reading →

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