Christianity and Theistic Satanism are the same thing? What?

To say that Christianity and Theistic Satanism are the same thing is complete insanity. You cannot compare them as the same, you just can’t. Yes, in Christianity and in Theistic Satanism, both believe that god and Satan are real beings (Some Theistic Satanists do not believe that god is a real being). But that doesn’t mean that we believe in god. We believe that Satan/Lucifer is the one that we follow.

We don’t believe that god is our savior, we believe that Satan is our Savior, We see god as someone who is useless and worthless. god never has the desire to help anyone. And why would he? We aren’t going to sit around and waste out time trying to get any guidance at all. We know that Satan will give us guidance IF we are willing to want the help.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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