Coming out as a Satanist

Coming out as a Satanist can be hard. It may not be easy as you think. Some may judge you, you may lose friends, your parents may force you to go to church, or you might be bullied. It depends on how you come out and who you are coming out to. Some many react different. Some may freak out or even may get very scared. The one thing you don’t have to do is, is come out as a Satanist. There is no where that says that you have to come out as one.

When coming out, you must be aware that you will have people try to get you to repent to god and to convert back to christianity. They will lie to you and even scare you. They will tell you a bunch of lies about Lucifer and the demons to make you run back to god even though they do not know the real truth about Lucifer. They will tell you that he and the demons will torture you and destroy your soul, you’ll be thrown into the lake of fire over and over again (Never ending). They try to make in sound that it is horrifying and scary. Something coming out from a nightmare of something.

On a note, some christians will accept you for the path that you have chosen or some will force you to follow god.

If you aren’t aware about the angels, they will try to manipulate your mind and try to get you to convert back to following god (I know it may sound ridiculous but it is true.) Angels are known to go to new beginners to mess with their minds, to play with their minds, and to even confuse them. I even have written about it in my Testimony to Lucifer a few years back. Don’t fall for them. They are also known to lie. Angels are sick disgusting beings. Never let anyone convince you to work with those toxic beings.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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