Coming to Lucifer for Guidance and Help

A lot of people want to come to Lucifer for guidance and help to be able to advance in spirituality and in magick. A lot of us want to evolve and gain power in spirituality and in magick, but they are not sure of how they can evolve. With Lucifer, we have the knowledge to learn and to think. He will guide us to place of great knowledge where god will not be able to enter.

To let him guide you, you must open yourself up to him, if you do not open yourself up to him then it will not work. Shall not be afraid. He will guide you far to a distance to where you never entered before. Remember if you are going to let him guide you, you must accept when he wants you to do. He will know what is best for you. Sometimes we may not even know what is best for us. He is there to guide us to a better direction that lead us to a better life. If you accept what he wants you to do then he will lead you to something better that you have never expected before in your life
He will offer great help to you but you must listen to him. To listen to him shall make things much easier for you and for him. Let him help you to make things much easier in your life. Many things come at a price. At times we may not like what he tells us but if we do listen to him, he can change our lives around to something better that you have never imagined before.
At times we may come to him for mental help. Sometimes our lives can hit a hard turn but he can can make our lives better. To make our lives better meaning that he will help make it easier for us.
A lot of us have bad habits or even addictions and that is something he would want to help you with. He would want to help you focus on getting rid of those bad habits and the addictions that you have so you can better yourself at life. With those bad habits and those addictions, you will never be able to better yourself at life even when it comes to Satanism and Witchcraft. Giving up on something you love that has been causing you problems in your life can make things in your life much easier. Remember that he will help you or even push you to rid of whatever what that has been causing problems in your life and sometimes what you have been doing that has been causing problems in your life, you may have not ever even realized it or even thought about it.

Lucifer is the best one to go to for Guidance and Help.

When you let him Guide you and Help you, he will turn your life around so fast that you would have probably not even realized it at all.
Trust in Lucifer. Let him Teach you, Let him Guide you, and let him Help you.
His Teachings, His Guidance, His Help, and His Love is Eternal. Cherish it all with him while you are still alive.

I did have a little help from Lucifer to write this.

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