Courses online that cost money

Whenever I see on the internet for courses to cost money, all I can see is that they are more interested in the money than wanting to educate people how to perform rituals or spells for free. I believe they mostly just write these courses because they know there are people who would be desperate enough to pay a lot of money just to get that one ritual, spell, or whatever it is.

On a website I saw (Which I will not mention) that there is a Black Magic Love Spell on there for getting your ex back for $525. Don’t you think that a little too excessive to do that? To pay that amount of money just to get your ex back? If you pay that much then you are definitely desperate which will cause problems in your life.

Do not fall for what they truly want. Money is the only thing they truly desire.

When I teach about Satanism, Spells, Rituals, I teach it for free because I believe education in Satanism should free, not to cost any money at all.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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