Denying the help for others in this path

Many Satanists believe that you should help everyone in the Satanic path, whether they ask you “How can I join Satanism?”, “How can I join the illuminati?”, “Will Satan make me rich or famous?”, “How can you make me a Satanist?”, and the list of these questions goes on and on. One of the main things they do not understand is that, those who ask those questions are not that really serious about learning the real truth about Lucifer or even wanting to get to know him at all. Most of those people are just desperate for money, fame, getting girls just to have sex with, or even just to look cool. How will you actually know if they are really serious? You just may not ever know. And to be honest, I would prefer not to help or waste my time helping those who are not serious. If they are not that interested or serious about it, why put all your effort on helping someone else who will just want to troll and waste your time? That is something you need to think about.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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