Do Christian Satanists actually exist?

I do not believe that they exist. To me, it sounds ridiculous and even very stupid. There is no way that anyone can be a Satanist and a Christian at the same time. Yes, I have dealt with people online who said that they can be able to worship Lucifer and even christ at the same time. Those who do have braincells will know that being on both sides is not possible. You either follow Lucifer or you follow christ. You can’t just have one foot in christianity just in case if “jesus comes back” so your “soul could be saved”. It has been over 2000 years and jesus still hasn’t come back (He may never come back anyways).

I have explained a lot about Lucifer on my blog about him wanting to liberate people from god’s slavery. Who would want to be a slave to narcissist creep anyways? So now, lets get the point of why a christian satanist is bullshit. Ask yourself this, how is it possible to worship one who wants to free you and the other one who wants to enslave you forever? It is not possible at all. It just doesn’t work like that at all.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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