Do what we tell you or burn in hell?

So, if you don’t serve god or go to church that you will end up burning in hell? Clearly it is mental abuse and it is wrong to do that. If your child doesn’t want to worship god, don’t hate them for it or threaten with hell and the lake of fire. They have made their choice. Religion is not something that you should push on anyone. For example, if you push someone to repent and worship god, they will ignore you and walk away. As a Satanist, I do not force anyone to follow Lucifer, I will teach them the truth if they want to hear it. If they want to come into this path to learn what Satanism is like, then that is wonderful. I would be happy to teach them about this path and the truth.

Just remember, don’t force religion on anyone. You won’t be helping, You will be hurting yourself.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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