Do you have to dedicate yourself to Lucifer?

Of course not. There is no need to “Have To” dedicate yourself to him. I do know that some say that you have to dedicate yourself to him. They must have gotten that idea from the whole christian thing that christians have to dedicate themselves to god. In this path, you are not forced to dedicate yourself to Lucifer. It is a choice. If you are truly going to follow him, it should come from the heart. Do not just dedicate yourself to him just to do it.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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I am a Theistic Luciferian Satanist, I work very closely with Lucifer. I have been following him since December 5th, 2013. He first introduced me on September 5th, 2012. • I am married to Magus Luciferian. He is a High Priest of Lucifer and Lilith. He works very closely with Lucifer and Lilith. He has a website called The Liberated of Lucifer

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