End Conversion Therapy

SAY NO TO CONVERSION THERAPY! It is inhumane and it causes harm to the mind and soul. We do not need this type of bullshit in our lives. We not do not need any negative asshole preaching to us that being Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, Transgender, etc is wrong and evil. WE ARE WHO WE ARE! YOU CANNOT CHANGE THAT ABOUT US! If it ever bothers you then please mind your own business. Let us be and let us live our own lives. 
If your god brainwashes you into thinking that being LGBT+ is wrong, then you are the problem for believing that. The god you love so much will never value the freedom of living how you want. He wants you to live how he wants you to which is completely disgusting. Both, Lucifer and Lilith value the freedom for others to live how they want. They will never judge someone for being LGBT+. They do not believe in wanting to control how others want to live. 
-Luciferi Baphomet

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