For complaining about God’s killings

Numbers 16.41-49

41 The next day all the Israelites complained against Moses and Aaron. They said, “You have killed the Lord’s people.”
42 The people gathered to complain against Moses and Aaron. But when they turned toward the Meeting Tent, the cloud covered it. The glory of the Lord appeared. 
43 Then Moses and Aaron went in front of the Meeting Tent.
44 The Lord said to Moses, 
45“Move away from these people. In a minute I am going to destroy them.” So Moses and Aaron bowed facedown.
46 Then Moses said to Aaron, “Get your pan. Put fire from the altar and incense in it. Hurry to the people and remove their sin. The Lord is angry with them. The sickness has already started.”
47 So Aaron did as Moses said. He ran to the middle of all the people. The sickness had already started among them. So Aaron offered the incense to remove their sin. 
48 He stood between the living and the dead. And the sickness stopped there. 
49 But 14,700 people died from that sickness. There were also those who died because of Korah.

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