For those who think that Satanism is something that you join.

I have had many people ask me “How can I join Satanism?” and I will tell that “Satanism is not something that you join. Satanism is not a club. Satanism a path that you follow Lucifer and to follow what he teaches.” Satanism is a path and which it is a very serious path. Following this path means you are accepting to follow Lucifer and to accept the truth that he teaches. And understanding his truth is very important.

For those who just want to become a Satanist to become rich, famous, get girls, and to get whatever they want, All I am going to tell you is that; Lucifer will not give you whatever you want. He will know right before if you are going to use him for whatever you want (He is not a genie – HE DOES NOT GRANT WISHES OR ANYTHING OF THAT KIND!!!). If you show disrespect towards him, he may not want to help you. He highly dislikes getting disrespected. If you are going to disrespect him it is best that you don’t even come to him at all.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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