gods Evil Manipulation

A follower of god will think of him as someone who is “kind and caring” but so many of them will either want to ignore the truth or they don’t know the truth at all. Many of them do not even know that god will manipulate them into thinking that he is good and if you follow him you will have eternal salvation for the rest of your life and even after you die. He only does this to get you think that so he gain your power, strength, and pleasure. He could give less of a fuck about you. His evil manipulations can lead you to failure and to feeling very miserable. He could careless if you were feeling miserable.

And what is his evil manipulation really like? 

Think of a strong powerful force trying to take over your mind. Trying to make you change your mind of what you thought of what it was before and getting you to think the opposite of it. That is what gods manipulation is really like and he will try his hardest to get you to follow him. Maybe this is why some of these Satanists are converting to christianity? But who knows, I cannot confirm or deny that. He will also send his angels to manipulate us to get us to follow him. Do you see how truly evil he is? god can be very good at manipulating us but many fail to see what he has been doing to others and even yourself.

Never fall into believing in his lies because when you do you will end up giving him everything he wants. What he wants is to be able to have the power and control over you.

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