god’s Lies and The Real Truth About Lucifer

This has been rewritten – From the things I have learned since 2014 and till now.
Exposing god and Learning about Lucifer’s Truth
Exposing the truth about God
In the beginning god, created us in the Premortal World.  He created us so he can get worship and power. But why did he create us? The power and the worship is what he loves the most. He craves it. Does he really love his followers? Not at all. He doesn’t care about anyone but only himself. To me he is a narcissist. He only loves and cares about himself. A disgusting god he is… And a really shitty one he is as well.

Here is the story about Lucifer
From what I have learned, that Lucifer was one of the very first in god’s realm to expose god for who he really is. But before that when he started to expose god, he suspected something that was not right at all. He suspected that god was not telling the whole story –  god only wanted his followers to only worship him. When Lucifer found out the real truth, he started telling others what god was actually really doing and of course god did not like that. Surely god did not like getting exposed by what he was really doing.

Those he who taught the truth and those who chose to follow his truth learned much from him and became very knowledgeable. god may have lost about 10 billion of them in his realm but those who chose to follow Lucifer. Those who chose to follow him were expelled along with Lilith. Yes, Lilith was one of those who chose to follow Lucifer. Lilith is known to be his wife.
The Christians believe that Hell is in the center of the earth and heaven is in the sky. That is a myth. The realm where Lucifer, Lilith, and the others were expelled to, they were sent to somewhere far away so god cannot see them. Where they are at it is a place somewhat like darkness but it is not really darkness at all.

What about god’s power?
Does god really have power at all? He does but he only desires to get it from his followers. Yes, he is very lazy. Why do you think he only wants his followers to worship him? It is all about desire and greed. Lucifer has taught that there is a power in each one of us but it is all up to us to learn how to use that power, but god does not want anyone to discover that we all have a power in us. Those who worship god –  all their power, strength, and pleasure all goes to him (In the Mortal World and possibly in the Premortal World).

Learning the truth about god’s Realm
A Christians view on “Heaven” is supposed to be lovely and it is supposed to be peaceful.
The real truth is, those who follow god, when they die they will enter god’s realm. They become god’s slaves forever and never to have peace of their own. They are forced to worship and sing endless praises. They are also forced to build churches and probably even temples. In those churches and temples is where they will be on their knees worshiping him and singing all the endless praises there are. Of course, he would not care about you. What if you don’t want to worship him? To be honest, I am not exactly sure but I am sure it would be hell.

What about god’s lies?
god has been lying since the beginning since ever he created us in the Premortal World. The main reason why he lies to us is so we won’t know the truth. He wants us to only believe in everything he says. Once someone discovers about his lies, he becomes afraid. He fears that we will go around telling others the real truth about what he is really doing just like what Lucifer did when he was in the god’s realm before he got expelled.
We can all thank Lucifer for telling the millions the truth. Lucifer’s truth will never die.

This information is from Magus Luciferian but I just wrote a summary from what I have learned.


From what I have written here, did you open your eyes to see the real truth for what god really is or are you still stuck and brainwashed by all the Christian lies?
Open your eyes and your mind to see the truth. The truth shall set you free and to no longer be in the bondage and slavery of god. Why choose to be his slave when you can be free and to let Lucifer and Lilith guide you and to give you much knowledge that there is?
Wouldn’t you want to liberate yourself and to no longer be controlled by god anymore?
Let Lucifer and Lilith help you with that. They would love to help you liberate yourself. Let them be your guides.
To Lucifer and Lilith… They believe that your life matters the most. No one deserves to get manipulated and lied to by god, christ, and the angel. Try to see through their manipulations –  Try to see through their lies. They do not matter. They are dishonest.
They are vile. They are not the ones no one should follow ever. They are evil beings.
What are your thoughts on liberation? Do you fear liberation? Do you fear that something will go wrong if you liberate yourself from god? Nothing will go wrong when you free yourself… Liberating yourself will be the most beautiful thing you can ever do in your life.

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