Heaven and Hell

In the Christian version of Heaven, Christians believe that heaven has the clouds along with the golden gates. They believe they will spend all eternity there. But the question is that, have they ever seen heaven before and have they seen that it is in the clouds? Answer is no. Heaven does not exist. It is actually God’s realm where they go after they die. God’s realm is pretty much the shithole in the universe. Those who die and enter his realm spend eternity being his slave forever and never to leave.

Christians believe that hell is where all the “sinners” go to to spend eternity suffering and getting tortured. They believe that there is a pit of fire that the sinners get thrown in. But that is not really true at all either. Hell does not exist either. Hell was a christian invention to scare the weak so they can stay with God and to fear “burning in the pit of fire in hell”. When you tell someone who is gullible enough to believe that hell is where people will but forever you damn well know they will be running to God to ask him to be their “savior”. Hell is the scare tactic in all the Abrahamic Religions.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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