Honoring Lucifer

I edited this to specifically honor Lucifer!
In a world we live in… it is full of chaos and full of violence because those who believe in a god they say is “love”, they take things very literal from their bible. They believe who ever doesn’t believe in god must die. If many people let themselves see who Lucifer really is, they would see that he is not evil but a very kind and loving being. Some Satanists see him as someone who is very father like and very protective. If they saw how kind and loving he is, there would be less violence in the world.
I truly feel that many people in this world are following the wrong one. I would not say that they have to follow Lucifer but he would be the greatest one to follow. He gives great guidance and great help to those who need it, want it, and deserve it.
If they were willing to see the truth about Lucifer, they would be able to gain much knowledge in their minds to realize that he is not evil but someone who wants us to gain something better in life. He doesn’t want us to be idiots. He wants us to be smart and to think for ourselves.
When people see how wonderful he is, they would change their minds about what they were taught about him when they were brainwashed. To see how wonderful he is would lead people to a better life.
-Luciferi Baphomet

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