I am tired of the bullshit on the Religious Forums website

So here is the bullshit I was dealing with on there. I decided to go on the LHP (Left Hand Path) DIR (Discuss Individual Religions) forum to promote my new Instagram page that teaches about Satanism. So I thought this it is only LHP related, why not just promote it right? So apparently one of the staff members did not like it and took it off. So trying to promote something Satanic is wrong? I am sure none of the admins are Satanists. I am wondering if that site is mostly runned by christians and who are do not like Satanism? Maybe trying to speak the real truth about Lucifer and exposing the abrahamic religions offends them? Who knows?!

But I am truly considering on deleting my account and being done with those people. Hell you cannot even cuss. Trying to be all “Family Friendly”? Maybe! But a site that doesn’t allowed curse words is just like come on and get with the times and stop being so pusified. All I am going to say is that “That site is fucked!”.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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