I do not validate anything for anyone

What I write is not to validate people, but to help teach people the real truth about Lucifer, Lilith, and about Satanism. I don’t write things to make others feel comfortable or happy. What I want is for people to understand is that, I am not for popularity and to be well liked. I expect people not to like what I teach and that is fine because if they don’t like what I teach then they will never understand what Satanism is really about. And if what I write doesn’t make you feel comfortable then you are welcome not to read what I write anymore.

Other people want to write things that will validate others to the fullest extent. Meaning that they will get well liked and get the popularity. And in Satanism, why does it matter if you want to get well liked and get the popularity? The most important part is to get your work known by other people.

-Luciferi Baphomet

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